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Fine Wine

Working in the trade, I once dropped a very fine bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape on my toe. I learned three very important lessons straight away. 1. Good bottles of wine tend to be very heavy 2. They don’t bounce and 3. Red wine makes a terrible mess. Oh, maybe 4 lessons… 4. when you … Read more

Calories in Wine

I’ve been reading on the rumours that red-faced shoe-throwing football manager Sir Alex Ferguson has plans to purchase a vineyard in the south of France.  What a delightful change of direction after 26 years with Manchester United.  More brilliant than this news though, as potential blog-fodder, is the fact that he compared Cristiano Ronaldo … Read more

Some of our regular readers of 12× and By The Bottle (Have you not downloaded issue 2 yet?  Shame on you.  Get it here – in English in portrait mode and switches to Chinese in landscape mode!  It is SO COOL!) Anyway, some of them have suggested that we start a LinkedIn group wherein we … Read more

Our regular readers will be used to us bleating on about taking the stuffiness out of fine wine.  Sometimes, though, it becomes very obvious that ‘stuffiness’ and ‘snobbery’ are two very different things.  I’ll get to that in a moment, but first I want to take you back a few days to an article I … Read more

A recent survey by Laithwaites demonstrated that customers are turned off by the notes on the back of the wine label that advises you about how the wine tastes, Harpers reports. Evidently 55% of those surveyed said the wine descriptions were not helpful to them.  I thought this survey was quite interesting –back when I … Read more

  While flicking through websites today for interesting news articles that might inspire me for this blog, I got somewhat bogged down in all the Margaret Thatcher news.  Some people love her, some people hate her, and those people really loathe her, WE GET IT.  I decided to take a break from the more serious … Read more

I’m so glad that the clocks have changed now and we have a bit of light in the evenings.  I was beginning to get a bit grouchy  and grumbly but I feel like my mood is beginning to lift now, and I’m really trying not to moan and complain.  It’s a bad state of affairs … Read more

We have two printers in our office.  Or rather, we were forced to get a second printer because the first one is so ridiculously stupid and awful. We’ve kept the old one since it has a few additional functions that the new one doesn’t have, like scanning documents and photocopying. The main reason we needed … Read more

Is it worth it?   I’ve been very lucky over the years to taste a lot of wines that are so far out of my price range that if I were contemplating buying them myself, I probably would have just bought a new sofa or bought groceries for a month rather than getting that particular … Read more

5 reasons to shoehorn wine into your healthy diet   The end of Dry February is still ages away and my determination to avoid wine for the month is already flailing.  The Crème de Menthe I mentioned previously is still untouched in the cupboard, indicating that it is not merely alcohol that I miss – … Read more