24 April 2018

Best Champagne For The Money – Anything But Moet!

Best Champagne For The Money

Recently I was wandering around a duty free looking at the array of champagnes they had. Starting from the not so expensive to the super duper pricey stuff. And as I looked at all the prices and after I had finished counting  which ones I’d tried, I couldn’t help but ask myself which were the best champagnes for the money.

Which champagnes were so undervalued, tasted amazing and were priced either just right or too little? 

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11 April 2018

Why Do We Celebrate With Champagne

why do we celebrate with champagneChampagne has long been the go to drink to mark any happy occasion. Be it a promotion, a celebration even a wedding – no one ever questions why do in fact celebrate with champagne. I mean it’s become so ingrained in society, that until recently I never thought to look into why it’s such a celebratory drink. It was time to really understand why we celebrate with champagne.

I mean think about it. Have you ever been to a restaurant and been sitting next to a couple, where midway through dinner you hear her start to scream. And as you look over, you can see he’s on bended knee (puke) – proposing his heart away.

And after all the hugs and kisses have happened, what do they next? They proceed to order champagne. Never a bottle of vodka or a bottle of whiskey, or even a high end bottle of Bordeaux. Just Champagne.

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24 March 2018

Best Stemless Champagne Flutes That Will Make You Convert

Best Champagne Stemless FlutesThe beauty about owning a blog is I can actually admit when I’m a little drunk. And as any writer of any style knows, sometimes writing after a few drinks , is actually quite enjoyable. I’ve just come home from a night out. And tonight I had fun because I drank some of the best champagne I’ve had in a while, from stemless champagne flutes. And I think I’m now a little bit converted. As a result, it’s time to do a blog on the best stemless champagne flutes. Interestingly enough, tonight was also the night I found out why we celebrate with champagne.

Now let’s just take a pause here. If you’ve never read any other post on this site, know one thing about me. In the last 6 years, I’ve become obsessed with glassware. Not just different styles of wine glasses or champagne flutes, but all other types of glasses, be it beer, gin, whiskey, tea, whatever. I’m really into it. And the reason for that is because I firmly believe that the right glass for the right drink is the difference that makes the difference.

When it comes to wine glasses, I’m constantly conflicted with brands like Zalto & Riedel. I have a love and hate relationship with both of their glassware. But in large part, I always keep both. More often than not I lean towards Riedel, because their sommeliers black series glass – for me personally, works for EVERYTHING; red wine, white wine, champagne even water.

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