13 January 2018

Best Wine Aerators 2018 – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Wine Aerator

wine aeratorsNot everyone is able to afford  high-quality wines outside of special occasions. But this doesn’t mean that you want to miss out on the taste and texture just because of the wine that you choose. This is where wine aerators can come into play. There are many options, but only a few of them are going to provide you with the taste and texture at a great price overall.

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19 November 2017

A Review of the new Indian Restaurant in Mayfair – Jamavar

It took a while for me and Mrs 12×75 to go down and try the food at Jamavar. Too many of our friends had beaten us to the punch and had eaten there at least once already. And annoyingly enough, the reviews had been very mixed. People either loved the restaurant or hated it….. Now we were even more curious.

A Review Of Jamavar

Jamavar MayfairAs British Indians, going to an Indian restaurant happens with a little bit of bias. Naturally  we can’t help but compare the food to that of our mother’s. Nonetheless, Mrs 12 felt like it was time that we go and chose to pick our anniversary as the day for the visit.

Jamavar is on Mount Street (Mayfair), right opposite the fantastic and unpretentious Italian Restaurant Delfinos as well as being just across the street from the Connaught. Whenever I’m eating anywhere near the Connaught, I tend to find myself being drawn back to their American Cocktail Bar. It’s wonderful and perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail. Eventually, after much persuasion, Mrs 12 dragged me out, and on our way to Jamavar we went.

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17 October 2017

Best Non-Alcoholic Wines 2018 – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Non-Alcoholic Wines

 Alcohol Free Wine

Picking out a good non-alcoholic wine can be a bit of a challenge. You want to get something that tastes good and gives you the same feeling as drinking regular red wine, but you also have to give up the alcohol that you are consuming in the process. Luckily, there are a lot of good options on the market for you to choose from.


There are a lot of reasons that people will choose to go for a non-alcoholic wine. Some people are on specific medications that don’t interact with alcohol very well. Some are pregnant and need to avoid alcohol. Still others are having a party and want to ensure that everyone can celebrate, no matter what their age is.

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