22 May 2017

The May 2017 #7WordWineReview Dinner – London

#7wwr dinner


The #7wwr Dinner

As most of you are already aware, this Thursday (25/5) is the #7wordwinereview dinner. For those of you who have never been to one, you are missing out. It’s a dinner for wine lovers in a Central London restaurant that allows us to have free corkage. This tends to attract some incredible wines and champagnes.

Given the numbers, we are going to be having dinner at

Marco’s New York Italian 

130-134 Southampton Row 

Russell Square


WC1b 5AF

We will be meeting for some pre-dinner drinks at 7pm (there is a bar there) – with the aim of sitting down for dinner by 7:30pm. For those of you who are already coming, please be sure to get your pre-orders in to me. The restaurant have insisted that all our pre-orders are sent to them today at the very latest.

Dinner will be  £25 which will include 3 courses and free corkage. All monies are payable directly to the restaurant.

22 May 2017

Wine Lovers Throw Data At Michael McIntyre

Oxbridge Wine Tasting 2017

Michael McInyre Mocks The Wine Routine

We all love him. British Comedian, Michael McIntyre has entertained us for a few years now with his observational comedy. He’s simply brilliant at taking a snapshot of everyday events and turning them into hysterical sketches. And of course, at some point, we must have known it was coming – he finally got around to it and ripped into wine lovers as he parodied the steps that so many of us do when tasting wines (in a restaurant). It was brilliant. Received live and online with rapturous laughter. And yet, it hit a little close to home as well. Why? Not because I’m thin skinned and sensitive. No….but because there’s too many people who already mock the routines to begin with. And sadly he had finally given that a name. – ‘Bullshit Productions’.

I can think of countless dinners with non-wine people in restaurants. The conversation is flowing, everyone is having a good time and at some point early on, after the champagne is all gone, the wine would be served.

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