16 January 2013

Introducing By The Bottle, a new wine & lifestyle magazine for iPad

Introducing By The Bottle, a new wine & lifestyle magazine for iPad


By The Bottle Wine Magazine When people find out what I do for a living, they will usually respond by saying something along the lines of one of the statements below.

“I like wine too, I just don’t know very much about it.”

“I’d love to know a bit more about wine, but it’s hard to know where to start.”

“Drinking wine is fun, why should reading about it be hard work?”

I wonder how many people that read this blog, for example, fall into one of those categories?

And then there are all the urban myths about people that work in the wine industry.  We are all drunk, all the time.  We are all teetotal, because we taste the wine and then spit it out.  We all lead frivolous lives, knocking about in five star hotels with Michael Broadbent sipping claret and wondering what’s for lunch.  We’re all impoverished and living in the same shed because the wine industry doesn’t pay very well.  And of course it doesn’t matter because we’re all drunk, all the time, and so on.

With all of this in mind, we identified that something was missing from the wine industry.  There was a gap in the market for a publication that the everyday wine enthusiast could enjoy.  You know, that guy who sometimes spends a bit more per bottle because he thinks it is worth it.  That lady who walks into her local wine merchant and boldly asks them to recommend something different.  That man who admits that he loves French wine and is aware of a fellow called Robert Parker but doesn’t particularly care to read his volumes of tasting notes.  And all of those people for whom “I don’t know much about wine, but I know what I like” is a philosophy for buying a bottle.  For all of those people and more, we are delighted to announce the launch of By The Bottle, a wine and lifestyle magazine like no other you have ever encountered before.

By The Bottle is part of a new generation of publications – you won’t find it in the shops.  It is available as a free download for iPad users – increasingly the consumer’s first choice as the market for printed publications has begun to decline.  That it not to take anything away from glossy print publications like Decanter, although most of them seem to rely increasingly on their online content to reach their audience.  The app offers something different though – a more dynamic and interactive way of enjoying the written word.

Our first issue is crammed with insightful interviews, entertaining articles and trivia for the wine lover, all written by wine industry professionals and edited by our own Geordie Clarke.  We believe that we have created a fun, offbeat publication that both the casual wine drinker and the more serious connoisseur can relate to and enjoy.  Wine doesn’t have to be snobby or elitist as a topic, nor does it have to be mundane.  By its very nature it is a product that we probably wouldn’t be that interested in were it not for its intoxicating side effects, so why shouldn’t we celebrate the things we love about it?

Early feedback for By The Bottle has been really positive, we really hope you enjoy it too.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet you can find the link here.  Of course we’d love to hear your feedback – if you would like to tell us what you thought, or to give us any suggestions of articles/interviews you would like to see or any improvements you think we could make, please feel free to contact us (include link)

Happy reading!  Oh, and tell everyone!


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