February 15

Sake Flavoured Kit Kats – but only for Japan

Rice Wine Flavoured Kit Kats

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Japan and all things wine have been in the news quite a bit recently. On February 1st, Japan began selling a new flavour of Kit Kat, one that of course would not be available outside of Japan.

When you think about Kit Kat flavours you can’t help but visualise the row of chocolate bars at the local shop, vanilla, dark, light, chunky and BASTA – that’s it. Nowhere are you lucky enough to find a pack of Kit Kat Sake. That’s right, the beautiful rice wine and the bods over at KitKat thought why not and decided to join forces.

As unlikely a reunion as you may think, it’s turning out to be a hugely popular bar. The news site in Japan Nari Nari  described the new Kit Kat as  “chocolate with the mellow body and smooth aftertaste of sake.”

You’re probably thinking – huh? I still don’t get it. But let’s put things into perspective for a moment. The Japanese LOVE Kit Kat. When I say the love it, I mean that literally. It is the highest sold chocolate bar in Japan, with the locals consuming almost $90million/ year.

And given that level of demand, they’ve also been allowed to have an array of flavours made available to only them, whilst here in the west, we have a very disappointing choice of flavours.

The Japanese have been blessed with flavours like Strawberry, Purple Sweet Potato, Pear, Edamame, Bean Cake, Cinnamon Cookie, European Cheese, Matcha-Green Tea, and others, including region-specific flavors like Exotic Sakura.


Not fair right ?

You’d think they’re obsession would end there, but NO.

An article at the end of last year in The Telegraph brought to my attention how their obsession with Kit Kats looks like it had just begun. Fast food franchise, First Kitchen were quick to jump on this bandwagon and decided selling Kit Kat Sandwiches. Yes, Sandwiches.

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And whilst they do look delicious, and are cheap (and student friendly) – I can’t help but ask myself 2 very important questions:

  1. What flavours are next?
  2. How soon can we here in the west get to choose from an assortment of flavours?

Let’s be honest, when you read the above and worse still see that photo, you almost feel a bit ripped off by Nestle. Surely they would trust us with a bit more assortment? Surely more choice is a good thing? Ask Baskin Robbins!!

So of course on a blog like this, we would advocate for a wine flavoured Kit Kat, and if Nestle would be happy to placate us as they have done the Japanese, then let’s take it a step further, how about flavours by region or grape type. That would be fantastic. My usual 6am trip to the shops for 10 Benson Silvers, the paper and a bottle of water would seem so less mundane if I was also able to buy a Zinfandel flavoured Kit Kat – or better still, a Bordeaux flavoured Kit Kat.

As a KitKat lover, I must say I’ve taken great offence that Nestle would trust the Japanese with a Sake flavoured KitKat but not entrust us or the French with one tasting of wine (and not rice wine PROPA wine). Guess we’ll have to tweet this article to them and see what happens.

But if you’ve ever been on the fence about visiting Japan before, my hope is their array of Kit Kat choices will sway you to visit that beautiful country.

February 10

The Bordeaux Bandit: This video is shocking…..


New Jersey Prosecutors have dubbed Scott Deluca (25) the “Bordeaux Bandit” on account of being alleged to have stolen many high price bottles. Police officers have spent many months searching for a suspect that had repeatedly stolen expensive wines from local establishments.

He first came to the attention of law enforcement officials when Gary’s Wine & Marketplace in Bernardsville reported that they had had a theft of a 2009 Lafite Rothschild and a 2010 Mouton Rothschild.

Not long after at the Woodcliff Lake store,  he used misdirection with the Manager and was able to stuff a bottle of 2001 Mouton down his trousers undetected. This had gone unnoticed at the time but upon replaying the CCTV footage, Manager James Koh had realised what had transpired and immediately called the police.

As you can see in the below video, he once again tried this same technique at the Gillette Ridge Wines & Liquors in Bloomfield, Conn. However this time wasn’t as easy. Manager Laurie Kablik had her antennas out the minute he worked in. She commented on how bad he smelt and found it strange that he was asking for Top Tier Wines. The second she realised a bottle was missing she began to wrestle with him at the door and eventually yanked it out of Mr Deluca’s hands.


You would think that would be all. But NO – in October Scott Deluca decided his luck once again and tried to use misdirection to convince the staff of the Octagon restaurant of the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa that he had a reservation for the evening and just wanted to pick out some wine for the meal. Surprisingly he was allowed into the rare wine room of the restaurant and walked undisturbed with a bottle of 1990 Petrus.

The police used a combination of things to catch Mr Deluca, from photos to social media to his licence plate which ultimately led to his arrest.

In the end however, he was sentenced to prison in Rhode Island for stealing Wii equipment. Deluca pleaded no contest to taking a Nintendo Wii, games, a controller and jewelry from a Cumberland apartment in 2011. A warrant was issued after he failed to appear in court in June 2014.

According to the Attorney General’s Office after Deluca,has served his 90 days for larceny, will face charges of being a fugitive from justice and extradition.

The question is, where has all that wine gone.


Did it get drank or sold? A mystery for now….

February 9

“Give me another glass of wine so I can snore when I’m dead.”

In Wine News


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Mrs 12 sent me this article the other day about a man who claimed his secret to living till the age of 107 was because of drinking wine.

Last week, at the prime age of 107 years old, Antonio Docampo García passed away. He was a vineyard owner and was the owner of a wine company called Bodegas Docampo, based in the Spanish town of Ribadavia

It is claimed that he never ever drank water and drank over 4 bottles of wine a day. This meant that he had 2 at lunch and 2 over dinner. Often saying his favourite line to his loved ones:

“Give me another glass of wine so I can snore when I’m dead.”

wine news Jerónimo Docampo, Antonio’s nephew now runs the family vineyard, and when asked about his uncle said:

“He sold the majority of the wine he produced, but still kept a decent amount back for himself.

“If he produced 60,000 liters a year he would keep 3,000 liters for himself. He always said that was his secret to living so long.”

When Mr Docampo’s son was asked if it really was true that his father consumed at least 4 bottles of wine a day, he reportedly said:

“When we were both at home we could get through 200 litres of wine a month,” he said, adding that “[Mr Docampo] never drank water.”

Bodeagas Docampo produces chemical free red wine, and I’m curious to see now if sales will jump with the claim that it was the secret ingredient for Antonio Docampo Garcí’s long life.