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Best Selling Champagne Brands

Would you like to know more about French Champagne and the different available Champagne types? We have something special in store for you today. Drawing from the experience of some of the world’s premier specialists, we have created this surprising article. Read on, and get ready to be swooped in on an elegant and flavorful journey through the world of the world’s most iconic sparkling wine.

Here’s a little spoiler alert: If you’re looking for the best Champagne brands out there, you may be surprised to learn the finest bubbles don’t *necessarily* come from the most expensive Champagne brands!

Granted, the really good Champagne brands won’t be shy about raising their prices – especially since producing a superior quality sparkling wine tends to be expensive and time-consuming. However, there is a diverse line of products in wide price range available across the best-selling brands. Read through the following sections for a detailed overview of the very best offerings now available on the market from the leading Champagne brands.

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Canard-Duchêne: the love child of a passionate wine-making couple.

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Canard-Duchêne was originally founded by a loving couple (Victor Canard and Léonie Duchêne), comprised of two dreamers who shared a common passion for wine-making. He was a highly skilled grape farmer, she was a prodigious wine taster – together they forged a powerful alliance back in 1868, whose results can still be vividly tasted today.

With its long-running tradition of producing a superior quality Champagne for well over a century, this mythical vineyard is determined to hold on to the podium. Judging from the over four million bottles sold yearly, it’s safe to assume they are indeed doing many things right. If you’re looking for some of the most affordable bottles within the worldwide Champagne bestsellers list, you will find many attractive options available from this label.

In modern times, this winery is known to promote environmentally sound practices. Despite the clear color of the final products, the grapes used to make this Champagne are actually mostly red – including the well-known Pinot Meunier and and Pinoit Noir varieties.

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G.H.Mumm: the king of sophisticated and complex reserve Champagne

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Here’s a top-selling label that specializes on quality over quantity, and always aims to produce the most technically advanced and sophisticated reserve wines. G.H. Humm is all about enjoyment and celebration, but the secret of their success clearly hinges on hard work and research.

This winery is known to put a lot of thought and effort to consistently produce innovative products that bridge the gap between the finest Champagne traditions and the most advanced production values. Their line of products revolves around reserve wines that keep surprising the world for the best possible reasons.

With their top tier production values and an obsession to introduce increasingly more complex and profound sparkling wine available anywhere, it’s not by accident that G.H. Mumm holds on steady to their reputation as one of the leading Champagne brands in the entire world.

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Lanson: one of the oldest, longest-running Champagne productions

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Lanson didn’t by any means invent the Champagne, but this influential Champagne house played a vital role in its widespread dissemination. It was back in 1760 that a group of French aristocrats decided it was time to show this new kind of sparkling wine to the world. It took them only a century before the became the official suppliers to the most important royal courts in Europe.

Nearly three centuries later, Champagne Lanson remains a massive operation that involves vineyards with a total area in excess of 500 hectares. They make a point of holding to their exceptional production values; Lanson uses only the best grapes and the most advanced techniques to create a product that consistently finds a home in the world’s best-selling lists of Champagne.

The exact same Champagne sparkling wine that was once favored by the rulers of Europe remains available to you from this brand. Recently the bottles were actually repackaged to look closer to the original design fo the time, which makes for a very appealing object in itself. If you want an outstanding Champagne with a strong history attached, this could be your best choice.

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Laurent Perrier

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For over a decade now, Laurent-Perrier has consistently been the third most popular Champagne brand in the world – with a revenue of around 200 million Euro per year. This brand sources its raw product from over a thousand local growers, and its labels are widely cherished across over a hundred countries. True to its reputation, it has been on the forefront of Champagne production since its foundation in 1812..

In modern times, Laurent-Perrier has become a favored brand of fashion celebrities who love its style and taste; this wine maker offers a unique range of low-calorie Champagnes that strike a chord with image-conscious personalities. If you’re looking for a high class Champagne label whose products are refreshing and elegant, you will find many attractive bottles in the Laurent-Perrier catalogue. Tastes best in red wine glasses.

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Moet & Chandon

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If you’re the kind of person who wants only the best things in life, you need to get a bottle of Moet & Chandon, since this is simply the best-selling number one brand of Champagne right now. With no less than 26 million bottles sold every year to a whopping revenue of 1.2 billion Euro, it is firmly established as the favored brand of millionaires who enjoy sipping expensive sparkling wine. More than a producer of outstanding Champagne, Moet & Chandon is one of the world’s best known brands in the luxury goods segment.

The influence of this wine maker is unshakeable since asides from its gigantic proportions and colossal fame, this group holds what is arguably the best known and most highly regarded Champagne brand: the all enchanting Dom Perignon. A Champagne so special that it’s only produced in years where the grapes is of particularly outstanding quality – the so-called vintage years.

When you need a bottle of Champagne that puts a strong message forward, or even at times when you want to enjoy a superb treat – reach out for a bottle of Dom Perignon or any other label available from Moet & Chandon, and you will be likely to achieve strikingly positive results. Remember to check out our Moet Price Guide for more bottle and price options.

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Nicolas Feuilatte

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This is “only” the third best-selling brand in the world of sparkling Champagne, but if you ask any actual French native, they’ll say this absolutely the most popular brand across their homeland. Even though Nicolas Feuillatte was only founded very recently – back in 1976, making it the youngest company within the modern Champagne producing elites – it steadily climbed the ranks an seized a steady grasp on the heart of French people. How does Nicolas Feuillatte do this?

Even though this wine maker was founded very recently, it’s backed by no less than 500 vineyards from 82 different cooperatives representing some of the best known traditional producers. From its vast total vineyard area of over 2 thousand hectares, these family run vineyards are working together to create the very best possible product they can – while drawing from centuries of tradition in Champagne production.

Nicolas Feuillatte stands for tradition, family values and local community enterprise, and that is possibly why it is so highly regarded by the French. It’s also much appreciated and celebrated internationally; Many Champagne enthusiasts of the world favor this brand, as shown in the over 11 million bottles sold every year.

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Here’s another iconic Champagne brand which is closely associated to the world of movie stars; in fact, this could almost be the official drink served every year at the after-parties of the Oscar Academy Awards. As such, this brand has been represented by highly glamorous, legendary ambassadors ranging from Marie Antoinette to Marilyn Monroe. Backed with such influential celebrities, this brand has carved a niche for itself among worldwide entertainment celebrities.

You may find it interesting to know this wine maker relies heavily on using flavorful dark grapes such as the Pinot Noir. In order to produce clear French Champagne from these kinds of grapes, it takes a unique processing method that involves removing all grape peels immediately after the juice has been squeezed out. The result is intense Champagne with striking flavor and fruity fragrance that pleases even the most demanding palates.

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It was around 1858 that Madame Pommery, the wife of an influential wool magnate, set out to fulfill her dream of creating a new brand of Champagne with the help of two young advisors. At the time, no one thought this enterprise would go far… but as you can see from the current popularity of Pommery Champagne, this wine maker still remains among the world’s finest.

This was the wine maker that first introduced brut Champagne (a new style featuring the driest bubbles and the least residual sugar). With a respectable sales volume of nearly 5 million bottles per year produced in vine years whose total area exceeds 250 hectares, Pommery Champagne keeps running very strong in our modern days.

Pommery Champagne is most popular in Japan, the U.S. and also Australia, where it’s highly demanded by connoisseurs and celebrities from all walks of life. With its distinctive bright blue label with gold colored letters, Pommery Champagne is one of the most modern looking brands among the world’s top sellers.

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Taittinger is one of the few brands in this list that remains a family-run business in present times, and they are known for producing the best available Champagne made of Chardonnay grape blends. Their offerings tend to be very distinctive and refined, with a catalog that pleases everyone who enjoys Champagne with a strong presence.

This wine maker has been focusing on creating sweet flavored cuvee Champagne (meaning they use only the first-pressed, highest quality grape juice). The result is a beverage with a potent flavor and powerful fragrance, which delivers a strong buzz and is most popular with the affluent clubbing crowds and late-night party enthusiasts. Taittinger is the right choice if you want a tasty sparkling beverage and you’re not over concerned about sugar levels.

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Veuve Clicquot

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With a sales volume of over 19 million bottles per year, Veuve Clicquot is currently the second best-selling Champagne brand in the entire world. Owned by LVMH (the largest company catering to the high class Champagne markets), it holds a strong tradition and influence. The top labels available from this brand are made using a bold mix of Pinoit Noir and Chardonnay grapes, which produce Champagne with very strong and distinctive flavor.

All products available from Veuve Clicquot are aged for at least two years before they’re bottled, which makes for a perfectly balanced sparkling wine that is preserved at its prime in order to provide the most delightful sensations. In fact, this wine maker is credited with helping establish the modern standards in Champagne production – especially when it comes to mass production.

This historical wine maker will forever be known as one of the earliest adopters of the modern Champaign making methods; its experiments played a substantial role in the refinement of the drink we all know and love. Always looking to produce the best product in the largest scale, Veuve Clicquot has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of Champagne lovers since its inception back in 1774 and tastes amazing in stemless champagne flutes.

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Final Thoughts on the Very Best Champagne Brands

As you can see, there are many attractive options available among the best Champagne brands in the world. You will find a little of everything available from these suppliers, ranging from the most expensive Champagne brands to the most delicious Champagne types to champagnes that are truly worth the money. Whatever your preference happens to be, enjoy your French Champagne, and make sure to pick the bottle that feels right to each occasion. Remember, it’s more than just having an enjoyable drink – getting the right bottle of Champagne is an affirmation of style. And always, always, always – store your champagne correctly.