2nd Edition of By The Bottle Magazine

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By The Bottle We are delighted to announce that the 2nd edition of By The Bottle Magazine, our digital wine and lifestyle magazine, is now available to download.  The 2nd edition is only available for iPad and iPhone.  What makes it very cool is that in portrait mode you’ll see the English version, but in landscape mode it cleverly switches to the Chinese edition!  We’re hoping that our Chinese readership as well as our English speaking following will really enjoy this edition.


Once again, all the content has been written by people working in the wine trade, wine bloggers and the most enthusiastic wine lovers.  It’s a fun, fresh read that will appeal to not just the hardcore wine elite that would be likely to pick up Decanter or shell out some £30 for The World of Fine Wine, but to those that simply enjoy a glass of wine and want to read something light-hearted.  We’ve called it a ‘wine and lifestyle’ magazine because there is a good deal of natural crossover from the topic of wine into other areas that our readers will enjoy, and the first edition proved this.



In this issue you will be treated to articles on topics such as expensive wines that are really worth their price tag  how to make an Old Fashioned, how to bet on horses, how to work your way round a wine shop, and how to deal with a hangover at work.

By The Bottle MagazineWe set up By The Bottle Magazine when we identified a gap in the market for a publication about wine that didn’t take itself too seriously – we love Decanter and TWOFW but there is room for something different in the marketplace – not all of us want to read vintage reviews and find out what Masters of Wine think about Bordeaux legislation, though those things have their place.  With By The Bottle we’re trying to offer a very different perspective – our contributors all offer something quite unique and the overall impact is a gonzo approach to the topic of wine that hasn’t really existed in the mainstream marketplace before.  We’ve even been handing over the reins of our @bythebottlemag Twitter account to some of our contributors, friends and supporters on a weekly basis to keep things fresh.

Download the second edition here

We’re only two editions in so we really value your feedback – please let us know what you think of the mag via Twitter or email.  In the meantime, happy reading!