Share your wine reviews on Twitter with #7WordWineReview

On 11th March 2012, 12×75.com first sprang upon an unsuspecting world the #7WordWineReview – a new craze we were intending to start on Twitter that would encourage people to provide brief seven word tasting notes of whatever they were drinking.  A few tweets later and many of our regular readers were tweeting their own #7WordWineReviews – and it soon became a cult phenomenon, generating a real buzz from wine enthusiasts across the globe and even generating a series of #7WordWineReview meet-ups in cities in the UK, the USA and Canada.

Of course, summarizing a wine in seven words isn’t for everyone.  But it might be for those who want to share an immediate, concise wine review while the glass is still in their hands, via a relatively new means of communication wherein you can share it with absolutely anyone who cares to read it.  We’re not trying to de-value the in-depth tasting notes of our wine writers and critics, but rather to provide an alternative means of sharing a review that anyone can get involved in, whatever they are drinking, and whether they are a master of wine or a relatively inexperienced taster.  Of course we still care what the critics think (even though we often joke that we don’t) but why shouldn’t tasting notes also be peer-to-peer?

But the main reason we think #7WordWineReview has been so popular is that it is genuinely good fun.  It is light hearted, unpretentious, snappy and often downright hilarious.  Have a look on Twitter and you’ll see a real mixture of experienced industry professionals and everyday wine enthusiasts providing equally engaging wine reviews of wines at every level, from first growths to two for a tenner.

Of course we are not so naive that we think #7WordWineReview represents the future of tasting notes, rendering all critics jobless (although again, we like to pretend we are) but it is a place to start.  It provides a fun, friendly platform for everyone to get involved and get tweeting, talking and tasting!  If you would like to get involved, you can start by securing a Twitter account, and then have a search on #7WordWineReview to see what others have been tweeting.  You can follow us at @12×75 to see what we’ve been tasting.  Just seven little words – easy!

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