A Review Of Kin Gin

Kin Gin

Non-alcoholic spirits have exploded in popularity in recent years and alcohol-free gin is quickly gaining a larger share of the market. Kin Euphorics is definitely one of the most interesting brands currently available on the market. This premium producer has gone to great lengths to deliver a range of alcohol-free gins that score top marks for flavour, aromatics and much more besides.

What makes the non-alcoholic gins from Kin Euphorics so special is the inclusion of nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients. These premium ingredients have been known to induce positive effects for many years now, particularly when it comes to cognitive function. In the case of Kin Euphorics, they have been put to good use to replicate the buzz experienced from consuming alcohol. They do not loosen your inhibitions in the same way as alcohol, but do promote feelings of well-being and boost mood. Additionally, they carry none of the side effects usually experienced after consuming alcohol. Interested in learning more? Read on for our breakdown of the Kin Euphorics range to see what all the fuss is about.

High Rhode

High Rhode from Kin Euphorics is arguably the best of the line-up. This was the original alcohol-free spirit from the brand and great care and attention has gone into its innovative recipe. A trio of first-rate nootropics, balanced adaptogens and quality botanicals combine to deliver a feeling of relaxation and lifted mood. If you are seeking an alcohol substitute with none of the side effects, High Rhode definitely fits the bill. When it comes to flavour, High Rhode is unlike anything you will have tasted before. The palate unfolds with hints of hibiscus, while a deep earthiness is provided courtesy of Rhodiola. Bitter herbs are also on hand to add an astringent quality to the flavour. The presence of licorice and gentian are particularly effective at replicating the subtle burn and tingle of alcohol, ensuring High Rhode lingers on the tongue long after you sip. High Rhode will definitely appeal with its delicious flavour and enticing aromas, while the nootropics and adaptogenic ingredients will give you a kick that is in keeping conventional gin and spirits.

This herbaceous euphoric will become a firm favourite. Looking to enjoy it as part of a cocktail? Reach for blackcurrant to complement the earthiness and sweet flavours already present. Avoid anything too concentrated as it will steal away from the delicate flavours on offer. Instead, add some blackcurrant to a cocktail shaker and combine with High Rhode before shaking, straining and serving. High Rhode will also blend well with a wide variety of juices, sodas and bitters. The possibilities are endless with this premium spirit substitute.

Kin Spritz

If you are looking for something more lively, you should definitely consider giving Kin Spritz a try. This alcohol-free spirit boasts an impressive line-up of adaptogenic ingredients and nootropics to deliver a feeling of well-being and gently boost your energy levels. The chief nootropics on offer here include tryosine, caffeine, 5-HTP and GABA. These combine to provide you with an effective stimulant, resulting in effects similar to what you might expect from conventional alcohol. However, you will not have to worry about any of the unsavoury side effects. Kin Spritz builds upon the strengths of High Rhode, but offers a punchier, more zesty flavour. Expect a beautiful balance of herbaceous notes and citrus character here. These characteristics will definitely impress gin pursuits. Although Kin Spritz lacks the burn of alcohol, a generous measure of ginger and hibiscus lend essential warmth and spiciness to this first class gin substitute.

Kin Spritz is already a well-rounded and balanced drink. As such, you can enjoy it as it is without having to reach for the mixers. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you have plenty of options for enhancing your drinks. Spicy flavours work particularly well with the hibiscus and ginger characteristics of Kin Spritz. A shot of chilli heat is particularly effective at amplifying the pre-existing flavours. If you are looking to add more body to your cocktails, consider mixes such as pomegranate juice.

Dream Light

In need of a non-alcoholic nightcap? Kin Dream Light is definitely something you should investigate. Dream Light boasts a premium line-up of adaptogens to induce calming effects. Reishi mushroom serves to reduce cortisol, while passion flower is known to help relieve restless and promote a feeling of calm. Nootropics also come as standard with Dream Light. This non-alcoholic spirit includes melatonin to ease you into a feeling of restfulness, while l-theanine and l-tryptophan will help ease the mind and relax the body. Unlike conventional gin, there is no chance of Dream Light disturbing your sleep. First-rate botanicals also ensure a fabulous flavour. Cinnamon, oak, ginger, clove and chilli all combine to deliver incredible aromatics and a warming flavour profile and mouthfeel.

As with other non-alcoholic spirits from the Kin range, Dream Light is designed to pair with mixers to produce superior cocktails. However, when it comes to selecting your mixers, bear in mind that Dream Light is intended as a nightcap. You do not want to counterbalance the calming and stress-reducing effects of the drink by loading up your cocktail shaker with sugary mixers and stimulants. Dairy products are a good bedfellow for Dream Light. To keep things simple, combine a measure of Dream Light with milk for a quality cocktail. Kin recommend using oat milk instead of regular milk as it is known for facilitating insulin production. The great thing about using milk as a mixer is that you can enjoy your Dream Light cocktail hot or cold.

The Verdict

There is something really special about the Kin Euphorics range. While other non-alcoholic gins and spirits tend to focus too much on the flavour, the Kin range instead turns its focus on replacing the buzz of alcohol. It would be easy to write off Kin Euphorics as a flash-in-the-pan fad, but there is genuine science behind the nootropics and adaptogenic ingredients used in the production of this premium alcohol substitute.

If you are looking for a fuss-free alternative to your favourite alcoholic gin, we would definitely recommend you look into Kin’s High Rhode offering. First and foremost, there are some very familiar flavours that regular gin drinkers will find appealing. The quality botanicals deliver signature aromas and very pronounced flavours, meaning you will have no trouble getting accustomed to your alcohol-free alternative. High Rhode also scores highly when it comes to its stimulating effects. If you are looking to replicate the buzz from genuine alcohol, the caffeine and other stimulating ingredients should do the trick. It is also a very versatile choice of non-alcoholic spirit, pairing well the usual mixers for when you are looking to replicate your favourite gin-based cocktails.

Those looking to keep things simple are probably best served by Kin Spritz. As with High Rhode, you can expect a distinct upswing in energy and mode. The flavours are a little more pronounced here, with more fiery characteristics courtesy of hibiscus and ginger. The great thing about Kin Spritz is that it is ready to drink, requiring no mixers or extensive preparation. Unlike many non-alcoholic gins on the market, this is a sober-friendly spirit that packs plenty in the way of flavour, aromatics and energy-boosting properties.

It is also good to see that Kin have considered the wider market and all types of drinker. Dream Light is a particularly innovative addition to the ever-expanding non-alcoholic spirit market. This alcohol-free spirit makes good use of its adaptogenic and nootropic ingredients, promoting a feeling of calm and restfulness. With Dream Light, you can indulge in a superior cocktail before bed, with no worries about your sleep being disturbed or a dreary hangover awaiting you in the morning.