A Review Of Monday Gin

Monday Gin
Gin is the drink of choice for many. This enduringly popular spirit is celebrated for its botanical backbone, inviting aromas and delicate balance of flavours.
However, as with any spirit, a significant alcohol content limits the amount you can realistically enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, there has been a rise in the variety of alcohol-free gins available on the market in recent years. Monday Gin is one such non-alcoholic alternative.

First Impressions

The price tag attached to a bottle of Monday Gin might deter the budget-conscious buyer. Although this gin certainly looks the part with its designer label, an avera
ge bottle of this alcohol-free spirit will set you back a fair bit more than other options on the market, including the likes of Seedlip. That being said, first impressions are good here. The stylish label evokes the art deco era, with an attractive emerald green and gold colourway that ensure this gin will take pride of place alongside your other bottled botanicals. The cork stopper is another nice touch, cementing the aesthetic appeal of this premium-grade gin.


When it comes to a quality gin, the aroma is crucial. Monday advertises this gin as boasting a complex aroma of natural botanicals, juniper, citrus fruits and spices. On the nose, this alcohol-free gin certainly delivers on all its promise. Those signature botanicals are all present and accounted for, making this gin almost indistinguishable from its full-bodied competition. That being said, Monday Gin lacks the telltale hit of alcohol on the nose. Some purists who prefer the sharp, stinging hit of alcohol on the nose might have a hard time adjusting to the lack of it here. However, those who favour beautifully balanced botanicals and a subtle blend of citrus and spice will find plenty to enjoy here. The aromas that are present are more than potent enough to hold their own when this gin is combined with a mild enough mixer or generous measure of ice.

Tasting Notes

When it comes to flavour, Monday market this alcohol-free option as being similar in taste to a conventional London Dry. Any decent gin is built around a bevy of botanicals and a backbone of juniper. Despite a lack of alcohol, Monday Gin does a good job of maintaining these signature flavours, with most elements noticeable on the palate. That being said, the overall intensity of flavour here is somewhat mild, with a hint of sweetness. The pared-back flavour profile is rewarding in its own right. The taste unfolds slowly. You will notice delicate floral notes to start, followed by more robust fruit character. All this builds towards a trademark juniper finish.

Monday Gin may prove too subtle in profile for those looking for big, bold flavours that will sing when combined with a mixer. If you are looking to enjoy mocktails at home, you should definitely consider your options when it comes to mixers if you intend to reach for a bottle of Monday Gin. You may also do well to increase the amount of gin in your cocktail recipes to ensure those subdued botanical flavours are noticeable enough in the finished product.

As with the aroma, the lack of any alcohol does have some drawbacks on flavour. Alcohol in and of itself lends a distinct flavour to gin. In most cases, this presents as a sharp, burning flavour with a hint of bitterness to it. As Monday Gin lacks the alcohol, so too does it lack this bitter burning sensation. Some people may not see this as an issue. If you are unfamiliar with gin and spirits in general, the harsh hit of alcohol flavour can be somewhat unpleasant. However, if you are a regular gin drinker who is looking to cut down on their alcohol intake with a full-bodied substitute, the more subdued character of Monday Gin may take some getting used to.

Best Way to Enjoy Monday Gin

Before you start thinking about reaching for the mixers and putting together a mocktail or two, be sure to enjoy a measure of Monday Gin on its merits first. As mentioned already, the aromas and flavour of this gin are subtle in character, so it makes sense to enjoy them undiluted before you consider clouding them with secondary flavours.

Once you have got the measure of Monday Gin, you can think about combining it with other ingredients. To keep things simple, consider whipping up a gin and tonic. A basic tonic water or sparkling soda water will prove a good complement to the nuanced personality of this alcohol-free gin and should not prove too overpowering. This stripped-back approach to mixing will also ensure you unpack the innate elements of the gin itself. Another good idea is to introduce garnishes to bring out the botanical character of the gin. Think about reaching for fresh herb garnishes to add rewarding floral notes to your drink. Another good bet is to peel a sliver of cucumber and add it to a measure of Monday Gin for a classic cucumber twist. This sort of garnish really extenuates the refreshing qualities of the gin itself and proves ideal for summer drinking.

If you are looking to lower your overall alcohol consumption, rather than stamp it out entirely, you could also consider using Monday Gin in place of conventional gin for cocktails that require a variety of spirits. If you love gin and vodka cocktails but want to minimise your alcohol intake, adding a shot of Monday Gin in lieu of conventional gin is a great idea. Not only will your drink have less calories and minimise the chance of a hangover, you don’t have to sacrifice traditional gin aromatics and botanicals.

The Verdict

If you can look past the slight price premium, Monday Gin makes a great first impression with its elegant bottle and label. When it aromatic and flavour, Monday Gin will also prove a rewarding experience. It is a little more muted in character than full-bodied gins with a regular alcohol content, but the subtle botanical nuances synonymous with the spirit are all present and accounted for here.