The 10 Best Wine Apps of 2024

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wine app“There’s an App for that” has become the catchphrase of the decade and for good reason. There are iPhone and Droid apps for everything from getting food delivered to your house to telling you when it is a good time to pee during a movie so you won’t miss anything too important. Seriously. So why wouldn’t there be an app for the winos of the world? We’ve decided to review the best wine app options of 2018.

Have you ever been in the supermarket and felt overwhelmed by the variety and plethora of options available to you? Gotten frustrated by looking at a wine list at a restaurant? How do you pick? How do you know what’s the best choice? Well, look no further because there are a bunch of FREE apps available to you.

Wine App Options Reviewed in 2018

I’ve collected a list of the best wine apps (in no particular order) that you should definitely download. Like, now.


1. Delectable- Free for iOS & Android – Wine Scanner App

With this wine app, you simply scan the label of the bottle of wine and Delectable instantly gives you the wine’s ratings and description, and that’s not all. The app also keeps track of your wines, and you can keep notes on the wine and what you thought of it. Also, this app is set up almost like a social media account. You can follow sommeliers, winemakers, and wine pros from around the world, upload photos of your wine, and tag your friends. Lastly, the app allows you to purchase wine directly from them and have it delivered to your door. Result.

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2. Vivino- Free for iOS & Android – Best Wine Label App

Like Delectable, Vivino is a social wine network. Scan the label of any bottle to unlock descriptions of the wine, suggested food pairings, ratings, reviews, and prices. The label app learns what wines you like based on your inclinations and tastes, and then recommends wines to you that you may enjoy. It’s a great way to discover new wines, purchase them through the app, and also feel part of a community.

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3. Hello Vino- Free for iOS & Android – Wine Information App 

This app touts itself as your virtual “wine assistant”. It uses artificial intelligence to learn your tastes through a series of questions, and then suggests new wines based on your answers and previous purchases. Another cool feature of this app is its dictionary, which explains all of those words and wine jargon that we pretend to understand when we want to look sophisticated and knowledgeable. It also will pronounce the words for you, so you’ll never have to sound out “oenophiles” again. Something else, its “no snobs allowed” policy/tagline is more inviting for those of us who like wine but can’t tell if it comes out $90 bottle or a box.

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4.Wine-Searcher-Free for iOS & Android – Best Wine Price App

This wine searching app helps users find the wines or spirits they desire, find the best price, and find where to purchase them. Like the other apps, you can read reviews, ratings, food pairings, and prices. It’s also a great tool to discover new wines and dig even further to find out where the grapes are from. It will definitely help you to make better wine choices.

5. Wine Ring- Free for iOS & Android – Wine Journal App 

This tool will generate wine recommendations for you based on your own ratings for certain wines (love it, like it, so so, dislike it) so you will never buy a wine that you don’t like again. You can also keep track with your digital wine journal and link up with friends so that you can see what they are drinking and vice versa. Because of this, you can see what those friends like and what to bring to their next dinner party.

6. Cellar Tracker- Free for iOS & Android – Best Cellar App 

Think GoodReads for wine. This wine rating app allows you to log in your bottles of wine so that you can keep track of what you have, what you’ve had, and what you want. If you’re like me and can count how many bottles you have at home on one hand then this probably isn’t worth it. But if you are a wine collector or connoisseur, then you should download this and then invite me over.

7. CorkageFee- Free for iOS & Android – Best BYO App

Many restaurants don’t have an alcohol licence and cannot serve alcohol, but they do allow customers to bring their own. A corkage fee is how much the customer pays the restaurant for use of their corkscrew and glasses to drink in their establishment. This app searches restaurants near you and reports back how much they charge. It’s helpful even if you aren’t on a budget, and shows you if restaurants have special nights where they don’t charge a fee. The app also directs you to online wine clubs that you can subscribe to, and will show you nearby wineries, liquor stores, and restaurants.

8. Tipple- Free for iOS – Wine Information App 

Have you ever wanted to be a sommelier? Here is an app that allows you to dive into that dream! Tipple walks you through tasting, describing, and savoring your wine. Choose the colour, aroma, and palette characteristics, and more. The app gives you step by step instructions on how to archive your wine. If you are feeling brave, record videos of yourself critiquing wines for others to view and learn from. This could be a great springboard for you to start acquiring these skills instead of just swirling your glass and sniffing it, because that’s what they do, right?

9. Winery Passport- Free for iOS & Android – Best Winery App 

Love checking out local wineries? Then you have to download this app. You earn “stamps” on your passport at each winery you visit, you can star wineries you want to make a stop at, add photos and notes to commemorate your trips, find events and happenings at different places, and more. You can also share all of this information with your family and friends through this wine app.

10. The Wine Coach- Free for iOS & Android – Wine Tips App 

Laurie Forster, a wine expert, radio show host, and author, states that her goal is to, “demystify wine one glass at a time,” and that’s what she’s trying to do through her wine app. She shares her personal wine picks, gives tips such has how to avoid a wine hangover and how to pick the perfect bottle, wine and cooking videos, and her podcasts. The app is set up very neatly and is user friendly for all.


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