26 March 2018

Wine Lovers Get Pranked With Non Alcoholic Wine

I love BuzzFeed Videos. Just the other day I was scrolling in boredom through my Facebook feed and came across a video that someone had posted. It was titled Pepsi Versus Coke Blind Taste Test.

Just the title grabbed me. As always, I’ve been very much into blind tasting and along my wine journey, have met people with the most amazing and unbelievably accurate palates. BTW huge shout out to MW students, because as part of their exams, there’s a huge blind tasting portion.

The video was quirky as with all BuzzFeed Videos, but once it ended, the suggested video is what had me in stitches for a while. It was titled:

Wine Lovers Get Pranked With Fake Wine.

I have embedded it below, however if of course you are in some sort of office environment, don’t play it till you’re home.

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17 October 2017

Best Non Alcoholic Wine – Honest Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

best non alcoholic wine

I happened to be heading to a night out on the town with the boys. It was a monthly ritual and those of us who were married, knew that our wives couldn’t break our ritual (even though they tried). However this particular night I happened to be taking some medication and couldn’t drink. Given that was the case, I offered to be the designated driver for the night. What I didn’t know then, was that night led me on to try some amazing non alcoholic wine & alcohol free beers, which then got me reviewing all the products out there to try and find the best alcohol free wines on the market.

As a wine lover, I suppose I’ve shyed away from the thought of anything non alcoholic. I mean to think I’m writing a piece like this on an actual wine blog is beyond me. But either technology, the people who make it, the grapes, the process – I don’t know. But on my journey of looking for the best alcohol free wines, I tasted things that we just magical.

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