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12x75 Wine Blog


This blog has taken off quite well, and the number one question that we get asked here is,

“What is 12×”

The truth is we don’t quite know yet.

All we know, is that we want people we admire, to have a voice on our website.

We’ve made a very conscious effort of only contacting people that we think are either different  / outstanding in the wine industry. The internet is filled with critics, tasters, wine experts, gurus – many self professed of course, and we want 12× to be the place people come to learn more about wine through the Biggest Players in the Industry.

All of our interviews to date have all had at least a couple of cheeky questions in there. The reason for this is to elicit the humorous side of our interviewees. So far, we’ve been lucky, and all have rolled with it.

And now the laugh is on us !!!!!

On our list of people to contact were the father, son team that own and operate ASC Fine Wines in HK. Their success is widely documented, and we had hoped to interview them. In my head I thought, ‘at least if we get one of them – RESULT !!’ I cleverly found their email addresses, and asked for the interview.

This was the response I had :

I have been forwarded your request to interview Don for your blog. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Having reviewed your blog in comparison with our current communication strategy, I am regretted to let you know that we are unable to accept your request now. 


Oh well, you can’t win ’em all!

Don Sr, Don Jr, once your current communication strategy changes, we look forward to our interview – 12× are still big fans, and are very very persistent (called Parker’s office 13 days in a row so far, but that’s for another blog)