Cool wine products that we love, #1

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It’s surprising to encounter a novel new wine-related product that we really rate here at 12× – a lot of the time when we review ‘innovative’ new products, it becomes very apparent that they are not really very innovative at all and in fact their inventor has just taken an existing product and made it a bit more rubbish. And let’s face it, we can be rather hard to please. So imagine our surprise when we couldn’t help being thoroughly impressed by something… ladies and gentlemen, we give you the WineSkin Wine Bottle Protection/Transport bag and Wine Bottle Travel Bag from WineWare.

Want to see it? Try here for the basic version, and here for the uber-safe inflatable version. I know what you’re thinking… ‘inflatable’?! Shame on you. What we are talking about is a revolutionary way to transport wine from A to B, even in a suitcase for air travel. In the basic version, the protective bubble-wrap interior provides shock absorption, cushioning the wine during its journey. The more hardcore version inflates so that a layer of air protects your wine for extra protection.

Both products are easy to use and well-priced – they do exactly what you would want them to, and they are so lightweight you won’t even notice packing them in your suitcase. But when you return from Bordeaux with an extra special bottle that is, most importantly, intact, you’ll be so glad you packed them. They’ll fit pretty much any style of 750ml bottle, and they are also great for olive oil and balsamic vinegar and other such delights that you might carry home from abroad.

My personal feeling was that the inflatable one was worth the extra money. It really helps you to escape that nagging feeling that the contents of that bottle of Margaux that you’ve brought home might have not just broken your heart but also ruined everything else in your suitcase in transit. In fact, if the worst happens (for a mere £7.75, this is not earthquake-proof, as you might expect) the bag has a clever seam that will ensure that if the bottle breaks, the wine still won’t escape.

These aren’t just brilliant products in comparison to the dreadful wine tat that we usually point and laugh at instead of bothering to review (think small frilly aprons for your wine to wear during a blind tasting) – they are objectively brilliant products, well priced, and genuinely innovative. We highly recommend you give them a try for yourself – particularly if you’ve ever resisted bringing wine home from abroad because you were worried about the impending suitcase bloodbath that might ensue.


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