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Dom Perignon Prices

Dom Perignon is a big deal in Champagne circles. This premium vintage from LVMH is a century-old favourite, and has been a popular option for wine lovers ever since the first vintage was produced back in 1921. However, this top-tier champagne can retail at staggeringly high prices, so it is essential you know what you’re looking for when investing in or buying a vintage.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together a go-to guide on what to look out for when investing in Dom Perignon and rough Dom Perignon prices.

The History of Dom Perignon Champagne

This particular Champagne vintage traces its roots back to the 1600s and takes its name from the Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Perignon. Although some have attributed Perignon to the creation of Champagne itself, he was in fact responsible for many innovations in winemaking, including bottling and blending techniques that has continued to help perfect the appeal of prestige champagne.

What Grapes Are Used to Make Dom Perignon?

A particular blend of grapes are used in the production of this prestige champagne. In the case of Dom Perignon, they use only Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Individual vintages vary the total amount of either grape used in the final blend, although there’s some set guidance on amounts. As a general rule, no one grape variety will ever account for more than sixty percent of the overall blend.

How is Dom Perignon Produced?

Dom Perignon is largely produced in much the same way as other champagnes, particularly when it comes to a secondary round of fermentation once the wine has been bottled. Producers add liqueur de tirage (a combination of sugar, wine and yeast) to the base of the wine before bottling the wine. This liquid solution kicks off the secondary round of fermentation as the vintage is left to age for seven years before becoming available to the market. Over time, the yeast in this solution consumes the sugar, producing waste carbon dioxide that contributes the essential bubbles and signature fizz that champagne is synonymous with.

Aroma and Flavour

Dom Perignon is celebrated for its elegance, with a bubbly profile and dry character that makes it incredibly refined on the palate. The nose is also iconic, with many vintages expressing notes of citrus fruit, sweet stone fruits and touches of vanilla and spice. The palette is a full and flavourful one, with telltale citrus and stone fruits, sweet honey and smokey undertones all commonly observed.

When it comes to enjoying a newly opened bottle of Dom Perignon, serving temperature is all important. At the moment of serving, you want the champagne to be at a temperature of around seven degrees Celsius to maximise the taste and structure. What’s more, it is best to open the bottle just prior to pouring. This further preserves the bubbly profile of the champagne for maximum enjoyment. As with any quality champagne, it’s best to serve Dom Perignon in flute glasses. This isn’t just to observe wine-drinking etiquette. In fact, champagne flutes allow the bubbles within the glass to properly rise through the liquid, carrying the delicate aromas effectively for you to enjoy on the nose.

What to Enjoy Dom Perignon With

If you are looking to enjoy your chosen vintage with food, you should take some time to consider your menu properly. To best complement the distinct flavours and aromas of Dom Perignon, you should look to pair with sweet berry fruits like strawberries. Dom Perignon also pairs very well with certain seafood dishes. It’s a terrific companion to refined dining options like crab and lobster, for example.

What’s So Special About Dom Perignon?

Generally speaking, champagne is created by bringing together a blend of different vintages. In these instances, bottles are labelled as ‘non-vintage’ or ‘NV’. Dom Perignon is a different entity entirely and came about when its parent producuer, Moet & Chandon, sought to produce a purer champagne with grapes from just one individual vintage.

As the intention is to produce something altogether more premium in nature, Dom Perignon is only produced with the very best vintages available. In other words, you won’t find a Dom Perignon produced every year. Since 1921, there have been more than forty individual white vintages produced by Moet & Chandon. Consecutive vintages are an unusual occurrence, but they do indeed happen.

Before the turn of the century, consecutive vintages were nearly unheard of, but 2002 kicked off a run of five annual vintages that only came to an end in 2006.

Beginning in 1959, Moet & Chandon has also produced a popular rose champagne. There have been more than two dozen individual vintages of rose Dom Perignon released to the market since then. As with the white variety, 2002 saw the commencement of a run of consecutive vintages.

Investment Potential of Dom Perignon

As a prestige champagne, Dom Perignon makes for a lucrative investment prospect for those with the money to spare. Unlike many other varieties of champagne and premium wines, Dom Perignon is aged for a minimum of seven years before being released to market. This is good news for those looking to minimise the amount of effort in enhancing the value of their stockpile. Your wines will already carry the additional value associated with years-long ageing, which will only accrue more value after cellaring your purchases yourself.

Of course, this prestige champagne requires significant financial investment on the part of the buyer. As a general rule, more recent vintages will be more affordable, but even the most recent offerings can cost upwards of several hundred pounds a bottle. What’s more, even though the very nature of vintage champagne means every release should be superior to everyday varieties, not every vintage year has been received with the same amount of ceremony. To ensure the best return on your investment, carry out your own detailed research into each vintage to determine how each one rates when compared to others.

Dom Perignon Prices & Reviews

Inspired to buy some truly exceptional champagne? Below you’ll find our pick of some of the best vintages of Dom Perignon out there. Remember, we’ve also written a great guide on champagne bottle sizes and what they mean.

Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne Jeroboam 2006, in Gift Box 3 litre Jeroboam

Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne Jeroboam 2006 price

It might be a fifth consecutive vintage, but there’s no compromise when it comes to quality with this generous Jeroboam bottle. Definitely one to consider if you’re looking to invest in a premier bottle for your cellar, this vintage boasts plenty to get excited about when it comes to incredible aromas and rewarding flavours. This champagne hits the nose with a fruity bouquet of aromas, underscored by a hint of mineral character. Signature flavours of white grape and citrus fruits follow through onto the palate, with a clean line of acidity and plenty of bubbles to ensure maximum satisfaction. This 3-litre Jeroboam bottle is big enough to ensure everyone can enjoy a taste of this terrific vintage come your next celebration.

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Dom Perignon Vintage 1992 (1 x 0.75 l)

If you’re looking to invest in a good Dom Perignon, this 1992 vintage certainly ticks all the right boxes. This particular vintage stands out with its green and lemon yellow colour, while the enticing nose is something truly special. There’s an incredibly deep aroma to delve into here, with a hint of honey accompanied by coconut and zesty lemon, not to mention ripe green apple. Well worth investing in if you are looking for something special to add to your cellar.

Dom Perignon Vintage 1983 (1 x 0.75 l)

If you’re looking to savour an aged gem, this Dom Perignon 1983 vintage is worth a second look. Well worth the price it commands, this 1983 vintage is a popular choice with demanding wine fans who know what they’re looking for. Look forward to a very complex nose, with aromas that combine dried fruits and toasted notes. The palate builds upon this incredible introduction, with the refined profile of the vintage delivering a deliciously long finish. Like with many older vintages, there is a more softened body here, with a lower overall instance of bubbles. Instead, this champagne takes on a smoother, creamier character that makes for a truly unique tasting experience. A legendary vintage from Dom Perignon that delivers on all counts.

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Dom Perignon Cuvee Champagne 2003 75 cl

Dom Perignon Cuvee Champagne 2003

This Dom Perignon Cuvee Champagne 2003 has plenty to inspire with. There’s a fabulously fragrant aroma that carries hints of jasmine, cinnamon, apple and ginger. The palate builds upon these inviting aromas, with flavours of honey and nut, stewed apple and warming spices unfolding gradually. Despite its age, this vintage offers plenty in the way of bubbles and sparkling body, delivering essential crispness and acidic lines to proceedings.

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Dom Perignon Champagne 2004 75 cl

This Dom Perignon 2004 vintage showcases this celebrated champagne at its very best. Take some time to enjoy the intricate nose, with an aroma of almond that delicately develop with toasted character and plenty of fruit. The palate is equally refined, with young and vibrant grape fruit as well as citrus notes, with a distinct line of lemon running through. There’s also a signature creaminess on show here, which is always a telltale of a good vintage year where ripe fruit has been in ready supply.

Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 1999

Dom Perignon Vintage 1999

An instant classic, this Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 1999 vintage will make a fan of the most discerning of connoisseurs. Although each vintage has its own nuances and complexities, the signatures synonymous with this celebrated sparkling wine are all on show here. The nose is packed with ripe fruits and toasted almonds, while the palate is a heady combination of ripe grapes and subtle spicy notes. Enjoy this standout vintage on its own, or reach for it when pairing with first-rate feasts.

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Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne 1998, 75cl Gift Boxed

Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne 1998

This Dom Perignon 1998 vintage showcases all the usual signatures, yet brings some fresh nuances to the table. You will instantly note the white/golden hue of this premium wine, while the nose excites with a crisp and clean aroma. Take some time to enjoy hints of bread and grains, toasted almond and hints of lemon and orange citrus. Likewise, the palate is a refined and elegant affair. There’s a crisp clarity to enjoy here, with a neat line of mineral vibrancy that works well with the silky texture and full-bodied flavour. There’s also a nice element of salinity here, serving the overall structure well and helping round things off to a truly refreshing finish.

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Champagne DOM PERIGNON P2 Coffret 2000

Champagne DOM PERIGNON P2 Coffret 2000

Opt for something truly elegant with this Dom Perignon P2 Champagne. This 2000 vintage has all the core credentials of a truly terrific bottle of Dom, but boasts plenty in the way of added complexity. The nose is a ripe and lively bouquet, with warm aromas and hints of brioche and botanicals, not to mention zesty orange and bergamot. Take some time to savour it and you will also notice additional layers of stone fruit. The palate itself is something really special. It’s textured and tactile, with a gradual unfolding of flavour that includes refined hints of syrup, liquorice and toasted malt. Beautifully bottled and presented, this is one vintage you will want to keep cellared away until the time is right to uncork.

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Dom Perignon Rose Champagne 2006 75 cl

Dom Perignon Rose Champagne 2006

If you’re a regular consumer of Dom Perignon and want to enjoy something a little different, this Rose vintage is well worth considering the next time you order in a bottle from the beloved producer. Beautifully bottled and presented, this superior champagne hits the nose with a rich aroma of juicy fig and sweet strawberry, with more subtle undertones of tropical guava and vanilla. When it comes to flavour, you can look forward to an elegant palate, with a full structure and beautiful balance as standard here. Unlike less refine rose wines, this particular offering delivers a very rewarding finish, with a savoury full stop you’ll love. Compared to other offerings, this Dom Perignon is a little pricey, but if you care anything at all about enjoying good wine, it is well worth the investment. To learn more about Dom Perignon 2006, check out our article: Dom Perignon 2006 Prices and reviews.

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Dom Perignon Vintage Rose 2003 Champagne, 75 cl

Dom Perignon Vintage Rose 2003

Here’s another top-tier Dom Perignon Rose Champagne to get excited about. This 2003 vintage is just as complex and rewarding as the 2006 one, with an incredible nose that combines ripe grapes, juicy figs and sweet strawberry character. Delve a little deeper into the aroma and you’ll uncover hints of vanilla, violet and tropical guava. You can also expect a very refined palate here, with a full and structured body that delicately balanced hints of spice with signature fruit flavours. Again, this vintage will set you back a fair amount, but those who value elegance and complexity will have no trouble justifying every penny spent.

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Dom Perignon Brut Rose 2005 Champagne , 75 cl

Dom Perignon Brut Rose 2005

This Dom Perignon Brut Rose is a perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to a conventional white vintage. With an enticing nose of ripe fruits, fig and strawberry, this 2005 vintage kicks things off beautifully. The aroma intensifies with undercurrents of guava, vanilla and violent, while the palate is all about concentrated flavour with plenty of full structure, silk and spice. Once all that beautifully balanced complexity is out of the way, you can look forward to an incredibly satisfying finish that’s hallmarked with mineral, salty character.

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Dom Perignon 2009 Vintage Champagne Gift Box, 75 cl

Dom Perignon 2009


You don’t need to delve too deeply into the back catalogue of Dom Perignon to enjoy something special, as this 2009 vintage proves. You can look forward to an amazing nose here, with an aroma rich in fleshy fruit that is fully ripe. This is also a beautifully balanced option, with a silky mouthfeel that carries a complex flavour profile across the tongue. Look out for satisfying salty notes, hints of bitterness and a briny finish. With its refined profile, this particular vintage is a perfect choice for those looking for something a little special to pair with premium dining. A great accompaniment to top-tier seafood suppers or first-rate French cuisine.

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Dom Perignon Dom Pérignon Rosé 1996

Dom Perignon "Rose" 1996

It’s not the first Dom Perignon Rose on our list, but this is certainly one of the oldest. This 1996 vintage is an easy choice for the connoisseur looking for something special with a bigger budget to work with. You can look forward to all the telltale rose champagne signatures with this vintage, with a complex aroma that brings together ripe grape and fig with the sweetness of strawberry and vanilla. The iconic palate of full-bodied fruits and an undercurrent of spice can also be found here. Of course, a bottle from this relatively early vintage will command a higher investment than more recent ones, but it’s well worth forking out the extra if you can afford it. All those elegant details that make this rose wine so special are amplified and then some. With such pedigree, you can enjoy the years-long maturation immediately. Alternatively, this is a great vintage to invest in and add to your cellar if you’re looking for something to easily accrue value.

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Dom Perignon Rose Champagne 2000 75 cl

Dom Perignon Vintage Rose 2005

Looking for a more affordable alternative to the 1996 vintage? How about this Dom Perignon Rose Champagne from 2000? Ripe fruit and figs are present and accounted for on the nose, with that luscious undercurrent of vanilla, violet and guava also present. Likewise, the signature flavour profile can be savoured here, with a rich and full body, complemented by a hint of spice and silky mouthfeel the standard. This particular vintage is still a considerable investment, but the price is more than justified when you consider the complexity of what’s on offer here.

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Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne 2008

Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne 2008

If you are looking for a very affordable offering from the Moet & Chandon champagne house, this Dom Perignon 2008 Vintage is worth your investment. This 2008 vintage came after a slight lull after a run of consecutive years in the early twenty-first century, with this bottle serving as a welcome return to form. Avid collectors of all things Dom Perignon will want this beauty in their collection, with all the signature aromas of full-bodied flavours present and accounted for. Generally retailing at just a fraction of earlier vintages, this is also a good investment piece for those looking for a bottle that will continue to age well in the cellar and develop a more refined creamy texture.

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Dom Perignon Lenny Kravitz 2008 Limited Edition Champagne 75cl

Dom Perignon Lenny Kravitz 2008 Limited Edition Champagne

If you are keen to add the 2008 Dom Perignon vintage to your collection, this Limited Edition offering is well worth considering. A collaboration with musician Lenny Kravitz, this 2008 release is another incredibly affordable option for the champagne lover looking to introduce this elegant vintage to their cellar. The unique box design and labelling will bring some exclusive personality to your collection, while the more affordable price tag means you can spend less on a superior champagne that will only enhance during cellaring. If you are looking to uncork and enjoy immediately, you can look forward to the telltale grape fruit notes and vanilla sweetness on the nose, with a decidedly full body and ripe flavour on the palate. However, if you can afford to be patient and leave it corked to continue to mature and refine, you can wait and savour the creamier mouthfeel and silky smoothness Dom Perignon tends to develop during a lengthier ageing process.

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Dom Perignon 2002 Andy Warhol Champagne 75cl – Gift Boxed

Dom Perignon 2002 Andy Warhol

This special edition of the Dom Perignon 2002 vintage is bound to impress the real collector. With a stunning box and label inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, this is one bottle that is bound to take pride of place as part of your larger collection. The 2002 vintage is a very good year for Dom Perignon, as it kicked off a run of consecutive vintages that have continued to prove incredibly popular with champagne fans. The enticing aromas and palate of this iconic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend are beautifully balanced here, with plenty of refined elegance that is ready to be enjoyed immediately or will age well if you have the patient to leave this one untouched in the cellar for a while.

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DOM PERIGNON 1995, Champagne


If you’ve filled your collection with more recent Dom Perignon releases and are seeking an older vintage to incorporate into your cellar, this 1995 vintage might be just the ticket. This was a particularly good production year for Moet & Chandon’s prestige champagne and the 1995 vintage has scored high marks with wine connoisseurs across the globe. A delicate blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes combine for that signature aroma of ripe grape varietals and vanilla sweetness, while the full-bodied palate will dance across the tongue before building toward an impressive finish. As this is slightly older than other vintages on this list, you will likely note that the levels of carbonation have subsided slightly, with the structure beginning to incorporate a luxurious creaminess.

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This limited edition release of the Dom Perignon 2004 vintage is bound to excite fans of the established champagne brand. The 2004 vintage itself is definitely worth getting excited about. It comes from the middle of a historic run of prime vintages from the label, with the bold blend of white grape varietals working together to produce a premium aroma and palate. If you are looking for something a little different, this limited edition Jeff Koons release will certainly stand out proudly when displayed alongside the rest of your cellar. The bottle design and gift box are works of art in their own right. What’s more, you won’t need to be spend a small fortune for the privilege of owning this vintage.

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Dom Perignon Champagne 1985

Dom Perignon Champagne 1985

If you have yet to enjoy an older, more established Dom Perignon vintage, this 1985 offering is something you should seriously consider. The 1985 vintage has consistently proved a popular choice with wine fans and it’s not hard to see why. As it is an older vintage that has had significantly longer to age and mature, you can expect plenty of complexity when it comes to the aroma and palate. You will still find warming notes of vanilla, fig and spice, but there’s plenty more besides to enjoy. As with other older vintages that have had some time to collect dust in the cellar and mature in structure, a creamier mouthfeel is a standard here. Provided you can afford the investment, this is a prime choice for special celebrations. It will also continue to age beautifully in the cellar.

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Dom Perignon Champagne 2000

Dom Perignon Champagne 2000

This Dom Perignon 2000 vintage was particularly well received by wine fans upon its initial release and continues to prove a popular choice. As this vintage is nearer in age to younger offerings from the label, you can expect to more vibrant aromas like fig and strawberry on the nose, with violet and vanilla also present and accounted for. The palate is equally elegant, boasting a structured body that brings together ripe fruit flavour and subtle spice an incredibly satisfying tasting experience. However, this 2000 vintage is also just beginning to get on in years, so the enriching ageing process will begin to transform the mouthfeel into something truly special. If you have the patience to put this one aside in the cellar and let it refine for a few more years, you will be amply rewarded come the time you eventually uncork.

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