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If you are looking to celebrate with a bottle of something special, Moet & Chandon Champagne should without doubt be your first port of call. Whether you are looking for the iconic character of Moet Imperial, keen to savour something more refined or seeking out something a little different to broaden your horizons, you have no shortage of options thanks to this world-famous Champagne house. Read on for our go-to guide on all you need to know about this leading authority in Champagne and our pick of some of the best bottles currently on offer.

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History of Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon has been a leading authority in the Champagne market for almost three centuries. Founded in 1743, the iconic Champagne house represents the pinnacle of French wine production, with a pioneering approach to wine-making that has made it such a sought-after luxury brand today. Although there are hundreds of smaller vineyards scattered across France’s Champagne growing region, Moet & Chandon is without doubt the dominant force in the area. In fact, Moet & Chandon claims almost 2,000 of hectares of land in the region, with the fertile limestone soil producing a premium yield of grapes, year after year. Beneath the soil, Moet & Chandon have also developed an extensive network of tunnels and cellar for maturing their wine. Today, the Champagne house has excavated a network spanning more than 17 miles beneath the surface of the region. Here, the ideal temperatures and humidity levels can be achieved to ensure their wine matures and refines in character.

How is Moet Champagne Made?

Unlike other Champagnes and sparkling wines, Moet & Chandon takes a more complex and tailored approach to production. Rather than use fruit from a single vineyard, this Champagne house brings together ingredients sourced from a multitude of vineyards from across the larger Champagne region. After the sourcing of ingredients is taken care of, expert blending is employed to ensure the signature style of this iconic wine.

Traditional Moet & Chandon Imperial is produced by using no less than three grapes usually used in the production of Champagne. These are Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These three grapes are used in varying measures, with each variety bringing something different to the overall aroma and palate of the finished product. However, things aren’t as straightforward as perfecting a recipe ratio to perfect a premium Champagne. Not all Pinot Noir grapes come from the same place, for example, but may be sourced from upwards of a hundred individual vineyards. The slightly different conditions of each growing location yield subtle differences in the harvested fruit, providing the wine with delicate shades of character. Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes are likewise sourced from many different sources.

Signature Champagne Blends

Without doubt, Moet Imperial represents the most iconic and familiar blend from the famous Champagne house. Bringing together grapes from more than 200 individual vineyards, the blend is a celebration of the Chamapgne region. Moet Imperial brings together the ripe flavour and full body synonymous with Pinot Noir with the elegant supple character of Pinot Meunier. To give the finished product its trademark finish, Chardonnay is another hallmark of Moet Imperial. This particular cuvée has been beloved by wine drinkers for more than 150 years and continues to be a go-to choice for fans the world over.

Moet Champagne Price List | Reviews

Looking for the perfect bottle to celebrate with? Below, you’ll find our pick of some of the best Moet Champagne options you can currently find available on the market.

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut NV Gift Box, 75 cl

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut NV Gift Box

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut is an iconic blend of Moet & Chandon, showcasing the celebrated style of the Champagne house at its best. This premium wine is incredibly elegant, with plenty of first-rate fruitiness on the nose and smooth palate, along with a mature character holding everything together. Golden yellow in colour with a hint of green, this signature wine makes a great first impression. The nose is also very enticing, with a sparkling body that invites you in with hints of green apple and citrus fruits. There is also a nuanced fragrance of minerals and white floral notes, along with more subtle hints of nut, cereal grains and sweet brioche. The palate is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this superb sparkling white, with a generous amount of flavour and a subtle smoothness. White grape fruits are front of house here, although there is also an undercurrent of citrus fruits and berries present that round off the flavour beautifully. A classic Champagne offering at a very reasonable price, Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut is bound to become a firm favourite.

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Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, Gift Box 75 cl

Moet & Chandon Champagne Imperial Rose Gift Box

If you prefer your sparkling with a little more colour, Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial might prove to be your new go-to. An enticing alternative to conventional Brut, this rose wine is big on colour, exciting aromas and premium flavours. This rose wine makes a superb fist impression with its pale pink colour, highlighted with hints of amber. The nose will also welcome you in with a lively aroma that brings together sweet strawberry, rich cherry and raspberry. The aroma is undercut by a hint of floral character, along with a very subtle peppery spiciness. There is also plenty to love about the palate. The flavour is big on juicy flavour thanks to the superior grapes used in the production, but there is plenty of distinct red fruit character at work here. Expect strawberry, redcurrant and raspberry aplenty when the tasting begins. The palate is rounded off to perfection with a fleshy peach flavour, along with a very subtle menthol kick that makes for a deliciously refreshing finish. A great one to enjoy on summer days, this sparkling rose also makes an ideal food pairing choice. Reach for a bottle when serving fish dishes or come the dessert course.

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Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 150th Anniversary Edition, 75 cl

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 150th Anniversary Edition, 75 cl

This Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 150th Anniversary Edition is certainly something special. Bringing together the best elements of the iconic Imperial Brut blend from this famous Champagne house, you have plenty to look forward to when you raise a glass of this to your lips. The signature golden green hue with subtle green highlights is present here, while a brilliant aroma of sweet apple and citrus fruits will welcome you in. The nose is accented further by delicate hints of florals. The palate is a very refined affair, arguably offering more complexity than the conventional Imperial Brut blend. Expect a more crisp flavour, with plenty of grape fruit character to enjoy. There’s also apple, pear and peach present here, along with subtle notes of citrus, particularly lime. The nuanced palate is rounded off with a very subtle nutty undercurrent, along with a little brioche sweetness. This elegant Champagne is a great choice for celebrating, but it also makes a fine aperitif. You can also reach for a bottle when food pairing, with this sparkling white working particularly well with seafood dishes and dessert courses.

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Moet & Chandon N.I.R. Nectar Imperial Rose Dry Champagne 75cl – Light up Bottle

Moet & Chandon N.I.R. Nectar Imperial Rosé Dry Champagne

Here is a must-have for any self-respecting collector. This Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose is a superior choice of dry Champagne that offers plenty in the way of refined character. A quality blend of grapes ensure a first-rate finished product. Around half of the overal blend here comes from Pinor Noir grapes, delivering the intensity of flavour and aroma. Around a third of the overal blend comes from Meunier, giving the palate a ripe and fleshly character, while the remainder of the blend is derived from Chardonnay. This last measure gives the wine its sparkling freshness, while a a choice addition of reserve wines gives the finished product its deliciously dry edge. The aromas and palate here are both defined by subtle sweetness and a smooth mouthfeel, while mature fruit character firms out the flavour. Because of its inherent dryness, this wine delivers a very satisfying finish that can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle. However, this Nectar Imperial Rose can also be poured over ice for further enjoyment. If all that wasn’t enough, this superb wine comes in an elegant illuminated bottle.

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Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2012, Gift Box 75cl

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2012

If you are looking to introduce something special to your collection, look no further than this Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2012. A deliciously fresh and beautifully balanced choice of Champagne, this particular vintage can be enjoyed for its refined character immediately, but will also age well in the cellar. This wine makes a great first impression thanks to its subtle yellow hue and fine body of bubbles, while the nose is an enticing bouquet of florals and pastry aromas. There are also hints of walnut, white peach and pear to enjoy. The palate follows with an initial hit of sweetness that slowly unfolds to deliver something more acidic in structure. This builds toward a final stamp of sharpness that is wonderfully undercut by pink grape fruit. Guaranteed to tick all the right boxes.

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Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Non Vintage Champagne Wine, 75 cl

Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial Non Vintage Champagne Wine


If you are looking to break from tradition, consider giving Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Non Vintage a try. This premium Champagne boasts a more fresh and vibrant character than conventional offerings from the brand, delivering a truly refreshing experience that can be enjoyed neat or over ice. One of the first things you will notice about this Champagne is its dense and deep colour, with a rich golden hue that’s accented by hints of amber. The nose is a very intense affair, combining tropical fruits like mango and guava with more typical notes of nectarine, along with hints of raspberry and gooseberry. Likewise, the palate is a fruity affair. The taste is full of fleshy fruit signatures, with a rewarding line of sweetness running through, with a note of caramel definitely present. A good measure of acidity can also be expected, with nuanced undercurrents of gooseberry and ginger on hand to round things off to perfection. A great go-to for summer days or celebration.

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Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Rose, 75cl

Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial Non Vintage Champagne Wine

If you enjoy your Champagne served chilled, Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Rose is the way to go. The first Champagne created for serving over ice in mind, this elegant rose combines plenty of fruit flavour and refreshing character for something truly satisfying. Note the vivid pink hue and golden highlghts at first inspection, before pouring a glass and delving into the enticing aroma. The nose is a vibrant affair, packed full of fruity character. You will find notes of red berry and cherry, along with fleshy fig and nectartine elements. The palate builds upon this refreshing complexity further, combining signature sweetness with plenty of essential structure. There is an initial flavour of sweet berry, but this quickly fades into something more balanced and decidedly fresh. The finish is also incredibly rewarding, with a hint of bitterness to cap things off. This is definitely one for enjoying come warmer weather and makes an amazing choice of aperitif.

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