Seedlip Review

Seedlip Review

Seedlip is a leading authority in the world of non-alcoholic spirits. The manufacturer has turned to the past for inspiration on how to produce premium alcohol-free spirits, utilising distillation techniques that were first put to use to produce herbal remedies centuries ago. After much experimenting, Seedlip eventually settled on a bespoke distillation process for each ingredient used in its final recipes, ensuring the best is brought out of every element. Seedlip Spice 94, the initial offering from this popular brand, was first unveiled in 2015 and quickly became a bestseller. In the years that followed, Seedlip added Garden 108 and Grove 42 to its repertoire, along with an innovative take on an Italian cocktail with its NOgroni spirit. Read on for our in-depth take on all four of these non-alcoholic offerings from Seedlip.

Seedlip NOgroni

Unlike other non-alcoholic options from Seedlip, NOgroni tackles a classic cocktail recipe outright. In this case, it is the iconic Italian cocktail, the Negroni. Traditionally made by blending red vermouth with Campari, gin and garnished with orange peel, this enduringly popular cocktail is stirred and served over ice. The finished article is somewhat herbaceous in flavour, with a backbone of bitterness that is perfectly undercut by sweetness courtesy of the fruity ingredients. It is not hard to see why the Negroni cocktail is beloved by many, but with so much spirit involved in its preparation, it ranks highly when it comes to alcohol content. If you are looking to savour the complex and rewarding flavours of this Italian speciality, but want to eliminate your alcohol intake, Seedlip NOgroni is well worth considering.

This non-alcoholic take on the traditional Negroni cocktail has received plenty of attention since its unveiling in 2017. In fact, it is now a staple behind the bar of many first-rate drinking establishments across the world. Not only does Seedlip NOgroni offer you an easy way to eliminate alcohol from your daily life, it offers a fuss-free way of enjoying this delicious cocktail. This bottled all-in-one bottled approach saves you the daunting task of bringing together a full slate of non-alcoholic spirits and ingredients to whip up a Negroni home. With this standout offering from Seedlip, you simply need to crack open a bottle, pour and enjoy.

The bold flavours and bittersweet edge of the traditional cocktail are all present and accounted for here. NOgroni is made by blending Seedlip’s signature Spice 94 with acorn bitter and acorn aromatic. The result is a complex blend of bitter notes with plenty of citrus kick. Delve into a serving of this and you will find a delicate balance of ripe grapefruit, orange and all spice waiting for you. The acorn aromatic lends an enticing aroma to this first-rate non-alcoholic cocktail blend, while the expertly crafted palate will ensure maximum satisfaction from the first sip until the last.

Although other non-alcoholic spirits are not designed to be enjoyed neat, the fact this is a ready-made cocktail recipe means you can jump straight in and enjoy NOgroni as it is. Chill the bottle and enjoy this slightly chilled, or alternatively pour your preferred measure of a little ice. If you find the flavours a little overpowering, you can always dilute slightly with some soda water for the perfect aperitif or refreshing summer drink.

Not only is Seedlip NOgroni free of any alcohol, it is also an ideal choice for vegans. This prepared cocktail contains no animal products or derivatives whatsoever. It is also a good option for those looking to eliminate gluten from their diets. This drink is made without the usual ingredients associated with producing alcohol, such as what and barley, making it an easy option for those looking to go gluten free. With all that in mind, NOgroni is a great choice for drinkers looking to do away with hangovers, bloating and all the other unsavoury after effects of indulging in one too many.

Seedlip Grove 42

Grove 42 is another must-try option from Seedlip for anyone looking to cut out alcohol. Unlike NOgroni, Grove 42 is a wholly unique creation that instead of replicating an existing cocktail recipe, focuses on bringing out the best of a variety of fine ingredients. With Seedlip Grove 42, you can expect only the best natural botanical distillates and extracts. In this case, it is a combination of quality citrus fruits, including blood orange, mandarin, lemon, ginger and lemongrass. If you are someone who enjoys citrus fruits and plenty of zest on the palate, Grove 42 should definitely appeal.

Seedlip Grove 42 boasts an incredibly complex profile that is driven by its citrus-focused recipe and zesty character. The citrus fruits are the real star of the show here, but the inclusion of premium root ginger and lemongrass goes a long way in bringing the finished product to life. The spice element is particularly uplifting, evoking a very enticing aroma and firing up the palate with essential warmth.

The more discerning drinker will be glad to know that the citrus tastes on offer here are very nuanced, with several distinct layers that set this non-alcoholic apart from the competition. The orange and mandarin peel flavours are fresh and zesty, but also carry a hint of bitterness. Sharp and pithy top notes are very obvious here, exciting the tongue as soon as they land. The undertones are far more robust and juicy in character, courtesy of juicy blood orange. A distinct line of freshness cuts through everything, with the ginger and lemongrass doing much of the heavy lifting in this regard. All of this builds towards a dry finish, with a subtle hit of pepper lingering on the tongue.

Seedlip Grove 42 will make a fine addition to any sober bar. With aromas and flavours driven by orange and citrus fruit, it will lend a superb summer kick to any cocktail. You should definitely take the time to inspect the flavours as they are, so enjoy a small measure of Grove 42 neat to pick out the subtleties before you reach for your mixers and garnishes. When it does come to mixing, opt for mixers and garnish ingredients that complement the character already present. A simple tonic water or soda is all you really need in terms of a mixer, although small measures of ginger flavoured mixers will also work well. When it comes to garnishing, a slither of orange peel or a little lemongrass should do the trick nicely.

One thing you should probably avoid is adding Seedlip Grove 42 to cocktails with alcoholic ingredients. While many swap out some measure of spirit for a non-alcoholic alternative, the subtle aromatics and flavours on offer here will be lost in the mix if you overpower a drink with alcohol.

Seedlip Spice 94

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to gin, Seedlip Spice 94 is definitely worth looking into. This alcohol-free spirit is loaded with premium ingredients that take the place of conventional gin botanicals, resulting in a delicious drink that is loaded with flavour and entices with first-rate aromas. The complex recipe on offer here includes allspice berries, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, oak bark and cardamom. All of these combine for a fiery fragrance and peppery palate that will quickly ensure Seedlip Spice 94 becomes a firm favourite.

Seedlip Spice 94 is a good option for those who prefer their spirits with significant aromas. Many non-alcoholic spirits are sadly lacking when it comes to aromatics, with the absence of alcohol often stealing away that sharp, fiery punch that is synonymous with a good gin or botanical spirit. With Spice 94, nothing is lacking. This first-rate spirit is packed with warm and spicy notes, with citrus-rich top notes also shining through courtesy of the lemon and grapefruit peel. You can also expect a long-lasting finish that boasts a real bitter edge. This comes courtesy of the assorted barks used in the recipe, namely oak and Cascarilla. These are some very impressive ingredients. In fact, you would struggle to find a traditional spirit boasting ingredients of this quality.

As Seedlip Spice 94 shares many characteristics with gin, you should look to your usual list of gin cocktails for ideas on how to enjoy this premium non-alcoholic spirit. Is the humble gin and tonic your preferred tipple? Serve a measure of Spice 94 with tonic of your choice and garnish with a slice of lemon or some grapefruit peel and you have a first class G&T. Prefer your cocktails with more zesty character and a sweeter edge? Gin sours are a great example to follow. Try combining two parts Spice 94 with one part syrup and one part lime juice. If you need some carbonation in your cocktails, you could also turn your hand to a Tom Collins. Combine one and a half parts Spice 94 with one part lemon juice, one part syrup and a splash of soda in a cocktail shaker, strain and pour over ice for something truly extraordinary.

Make no mistake, Seedlip Spice 94 ranks highly when it comes to non-alcoholic spirits. The high-grade ingredients and refined recipe makes this truly something special. Even the most traditional of gin drinkers will have a hard time turning their nose up at this one.

Seedlip Garden 108

Those looking to take the plunge into the world non-alcoholic spirits will find plenty to enjoy with Seedlip Garden 108. This alcohol-free spirit is a more subdued and pared-back offering when compared to other options from Seedlip. This is less about spice and more about floral notes and subtle flavours. The wholly natural botanical ingredients that make up Garden 108 include peas, spearmint, rosemary, thyme, hops and hay. Seedlip market this particular non-alcoholic spirit as celebration of the English countryside and this definitely comes through in the finished product.

Garden 108 is deliciously fresh and floral on the nose. You will immediately notice the fragrant aromas of rosemary and spearmint, while earthier pea notes are also evident. In terms of flavour, there is must to enjoy here. The top notes are all about hay and pea, while the herbaceous base brings together the punchy character of thyme, rosemary and spearmint beautifully. Although this is marketed as an alternative to gin, it does not really compare with the staple spirit. Although the herby aromas and flavours are pleasant, they lack the citrus punch and sweetness you would normally encounter with a regular gin. Those looking for a quick and easy swap for alcoholic gin will probably have a hard time getting used to Garden 108, but those looking for a more dynamic change will find plenty to get excited about here.

It is worth bearing in mind that Garden 108 is considerably more muted in flavour and aromatics than other varieties from the manufacturer, particularly Spice 94. That being said, Garden 108 is a rewarding substitute for alcohol spirit when enjoyed correctly. The best advice with this gin alternative is to keep things simple. Avoid reaching for multiple mixers and overpowering garnishes. Approach things as if you were making a low-key gin and tonic. A plain tonic water should be more than sufficient. Combine Garden 108 with your tonic of choice and pour over ice for a first class cocktail. If you want to bring a little more flavour to your finished drink, you could always consider using a lemon-infused tonic water or adding a citrus garnish. However, this may diminish the intensity of the more understated flavours of the Garden 108 recipe