Simon Berry, Chairman of Berry Bros & Rudd is MISSING (UPDATE)

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Dear All,

It deeply saddens me to tell you that Simon Berry, Chairman of Berry Bros & Rudd has gone missing!

Simon Berry is the Chairman of the oldest & most prestigious Wine Merchants in the UK. His company has various offices overseas and has a turnover  in excess of £200million. They even supply the Queen as well as other members of the Royal Family. Everyone has heard of Berry Bros & Rudd.


Simon Berry himself is quite the accomplished man. I couldn’t help but think wow when I read this portion of his bio from Berry Bros & Rudd’s Site.


Simon was awarded the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma in 1979 and the Diploma of the British Institute of Marketing in 1983. He is on the Council of the Wine & Spirits Trade Benevolent Society, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Vintners and a member of the Académie du Champagne. He is also the Clerk of the Royal Cellars and the holder of the Royal Warrant of Appointment as wine merchant to HRH the Prince of Wales.


Simon Berry
Simon Berry (Source: BBR’s site)

Simon has lectured on wine on many occasions, and to many institutions throughout the UK, including Oxford and Exeter Universities, Woldingham, Wycombe Abbey School and Eton College. His articles have been published in several magazines, notably Vogue, Debrett’s International Collector and The Economist Review of the Year. He has also contributed to many television and radio programmes including The Edwardian Country House.

See what I mean, wow. Well except The Edwardian Country House bit, I mean really?!?!

Anyway, last week we called his office four times in an attempt to secure an interview for 12× and once again yesterday. We left three messages with the various people who answered the phone, a voicemail on his work phone and one with his personal assistant.

So far………RADIO Silence……..

This is a first for us. We’ve had neither a yes or a no. I refuse to believe that Simon with all his accolades (see above) and once described to me as a “gentleman’s gentleman” would ignore us. I believe this so strongly that it can only lead us to realise one thing, the obvious thing, the most logical thing of all and that is that;


If you should happen to know or even see Simon Berry, be sure to hit the CONTACT tab of this site and drop us a quick note. Also be sure to follow us on twitter, we will of course update you during the course of the day on #simonberrymissing

Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.


-The Editor


UPDATE: Good news all. Simon Berry is ok -phew ! He’s called me to say all is well. The even better news is that he has agreed to interview and be a part of our blog. Which for 12× is great because we thought he might sue us…….Speak soon and thank you all for having helped in this matter.