Top 10 UK Wine Merchants (according to Twitter followers) UPDATED

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Twitter has always been a very popular platform to communicate on, and it seems that more and more businesses have taken up tweeting.

We’ve compiled a list below of the most popular UK Wine Merchants, according to how many Twitter followers they have.

1) Bibendum Wine 7,931 (however their Twitter account is connected to their blog and not their main  Company Website)

2) Berry Bros & Rudd 6,003

3) Bordeaux Index 2,547

4) Farr Vintners 2,119

5) Corney and Barrow 1,718

6) Armit Wines 1,619

7) Ditton Wine Traders 1,147

8)Seckford Wines 1,039

9)Lay and Wheeler 965

10)Fine & Rare 837

11)Justerinis 283

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