Investment Firm Twelve By Seventy Five IS NOT 12×75

Twelve By Seventy Five

I have been asked recently by a few people in the trade if the wine investment house Twelve By Seventy Five Ltd is us.

I can categorically say that we have nothing to do with THAT company, directly or indirectly.

Yes it does seem true that they’ve copied our name and have additionally added to the confusion in the market by registering 12x75Ltd. Again this has nothing to do with us.

We’ve written about Twelve By Seventy Five here and below are some more links if you are keen to learn more about that.

I very much hope this clears matters up.

Useful Links on Twelve By Seventy Five:,33.htm

Whilst the below have nothing to do with Twelve By Seventy Five Ltd. One of the owners of the company seems to be involved in a new venture called The Wine Drinker. Read reviews on that below: