Will the REAL 12×75 Please Stand UP, Please Stand Up

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Dear ALL,

My apologies. It’s been a tough Summer, filled with family obligations.

Updating this blog has always been on my mind, yet everytime I sat down to write something, I just couldn’t find the words. I drank so little wine this Summer that it seemed almost hypocritical to update my own wine blog. Without my liquid inspiration I resigned myself to the fact that perhaps saying nothing was better than saying something ‘half-assed.’

We’ve recently had a new writer join the 12×75 team, Anna Scott. Her writing is excellent, and hopefully, like us, you’ll find her pieces both witty and informative. Geordie Clarke, a dear friend and the Contributing Editor to this blog is very much penning his latest thoughts and articles and in typical fashion both him and I will be populating this site with some fun and cool blogs.

I will of course be asking the lovely Zelda for more of her quirky #WINEART to publish, and it won’t be long before we restart the #7wordwinereview dinners again in London. The #7wordwinereview dinners happened consistently for 24 months, and after a Summer off I am excited to resume those and will be releasing the details for the dinner very very soon.

On a personal note, a few months ago, it was brought to my attention that a new wine brokerage house had been setup, called twelve-by-seventy-five ltd !!! I was compeltely shocked – owning every domain from 12×75.com to 12by75.com to 6×75.com – I thought their own research would have told them that perhaps chosing a different name would have been wise. I tried writing to them, however each email address they gave me, the emails kept bouncing – *ALARM BELLS*

A short exchange on twitter, and I realised that there was no way they were going to change their name. They’ve even very logically partenered up with a Super Car Rental business ?!?! #WTF

Whilst I have nothing against the owners of the new company (other than the fact they’re as creative as a block of wood) – it has clearly been an attempt to piggy back a brand that I’ve spent 3 years building. We have nothing to do with that company, be it directly or indirectly, no interests, no percentage points, no vested interest, NADA!!!

To read about the latest adventures of this new wine company, please have a look at Jim Budd’s site – http://investdrinks-blog.blogspot.com/2014/08/twelve-by-seventy-five-ltd-not-for-me.html and be sure to read all the comments.

I think Jim said it best Thanks but to the best of my knowledge there is no connection between www.12×75.com and Twelve-By-Seventy-Five. It is possible, of course, that those who set up Twelve-By-Seventy-Five were attracted by having ‘virtually the same name brand name’ as a successful wine blog.

Ain’t that the truth