My Favourite (Fine) Wine Blogs

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12×75 Wine Blog does not have a blogroll for various reasons, but for over a year now, I’ve been meaning to put down a few of my favourite wine blogs. There’s so many out there,in fact, there’s so many amazing ones out there,  so please understand when I say that picking my ‘TOP 10’  has been very difficult.

Please find below my favourite Top 10

  1. The Liv-ex Blog
  2. Ditton Wine Traders Blog
  3. The Winekat Blog
  4. Vinography
  5. Geordie Clarke’s Blog
  6. Vinolent
  7. Duvault Blochet
  8. Wine-Pages
  9. Bordeaux Undiscovered
  10. Palate Press

There are so many more amazing  blogs out there and I have no doubt we will be publishing a more comprehensive list later this year.