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#7WordWineReview – all the latest news

Regular readers will know that 12×75.com started a massive Twitter craze called #7WordWineReview whereby its users provide a fast paced, instant, succinct review of the wine they are drinking in just seven little words.

We reported in March that the #7wordwinereview had gained in popularity to the extent that over 65 people had used it on Twitter already, in over 300 tweets in 9 languages. So, what’s been happening since then?

#7WordWineReview has continued to take off, in fact it has not been strictly a Twitter phenomenon, rather it has served to help wine lovers to meet up and get talking! 6 people attended the first London-based meeting, and 19 attended the 2nd meeting. We hope that #7WordWineReview meetups will start to take off in other cities, in fact @EverymanWine is holding one in Manchester
on 9th August #Bringabottle.

There is also discussions that #7WordWineReview meetups will start in NYC, Oregan, Ohio and Toronto – could #7WordWineReview be going global?

We hope so – people are still tweeting their #7WordWineReview s daily and it seems to be growing. Perhaps it is just slipping into people’s subconscious so they instinctively tweet a #7WordWineReview instead of scribbling down a load of notes. It’s immediacy and convenience should ensure that it remains popular for the foreseeable future.

There have been some really encouraging reviews from industry professionals like this one from Barwell and Jones. And the
quality of tasting notes really has been phenomenal – it really is astounding how limiting a wine review to seven words can make them so fascinating – wines that have impressed have yielded reviews so full of passion and enthusiasm that I have just wanted to run out and track them down!
Whereas the less impressive wines have provided us with some honest and often genuinely hilarious

Once you strip any review down to 7 words, you have to think on your feet to get across what you want to say about the wine – and that can be complimentary, or downright scathing. Either way it is an exciting new way to look at wine tasting and personally I’ve found it really invigorating to review wines this way.

It takes nothing away from our great critics whose notes on Bordeaux I have pored over many times in my quest to learn about wine, but most of us don’t live on a diet of Lafite alone – there are plenty of good wines out there that don’t warrant a page in Parker’s review, but they still deserve spontaneous, instant recognition by those who enjoy them.

What better way to tell the world what you thought?

Who knows whether #7WordWineReview will continue to grow – we’ll soon find out though, watch this space. To join in the fun and read some brilliant reviews, follow @12×75 on Twitter and start submitting your own, including the Hash Tag #7WordWineReview– whether you love the wine or hate it. We promise you’ll be addicted in no time!