12 July 2018

Buy Champagne Before Brexit

supermarket champagne

It’s becoming more and more common for less known brands in champagnes to be winning awards. Just within the last 4 weeks, I’ve been reading about 2 particular champagnes that have done just this. And whilst I was eager to try them, I wasn’t rushing out to buy them or place the order online. I feel I was starting to get a bit immune from the awards flying out.

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24 April 2018

Best Champagne For The Money – Anything But Moet!

Best Champagne For The Money

Recently I was wandering around a duty free looking at the array of champagnes they had. Starting from the not so expensive to the super duper pricey stuff. And as I looked at all the prices and after I had finished counting  which ones I’d tried, I couldn’t help but ask myself which were the best champagnes for the money.

Which champagnes were so undervalued, tasted amazing and were priced either just right or too little? 

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11 April 2018

Why Do We Celebrate With Champagne

why do we celebrate with champagneChampagne has long been the go to drink to mark any happy occasion. Be it a promotion, a celebration even a wedding – no one ever questions why do in fact celebrate with champagne. I mean it’s become so ingrained in society, that until recently I never thought to look into why it’s such a celebratory drink. It was time to really understand why we celebrate with champagne.

I mean think about it. Have you ever been to a restaurant and been sitting next to a couple, where midway through dinner you hear her start to scream. And as you look over, you can see he’s on bended knee (puke) – proposing his heart away.

And after all the hugs and kisses have happened, what do they next? They proceed to order champagne. Never a bottle of vodka or a bottle of whiskey, or even a high end bottle of Bordeaux. Just Champagne.

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