A Review Of Lyre’s Gin

Lyre's Gin Review

Non-alcoholic spirits have become a firm fixture of the market in recent years and Lyre’s London Dry Spirit is arguably one of the finest options you can currently enjoy. With boundless botanicals and delicate recipes, gin is a tricky thing to get right at the best of times. When producing a non-alcoholic alternative, the task of hitting the right notes when it comes to flavour and aromatics is even more difficult. That being said, Lyre’s does a good job in delivering a premium gin substitute that makes a fine first impression and continues to reward on the nose and palate. Read on four in-depth review on what to expect with Lyre’s London Dry Spirit.

On the Nose | Lyre’s Gin

One of the most rewarding aspects of any gin is the bouquet. Although some non-alcoholic gins and spirits are decidedly lacking in this regard, Lyre’s London Dry goes a long way in delivering a rich aroma. The brilliant botanicals that form the backbone of any decent gin can be enjoyed here. This spirit substitute will welcome you in with fresh orange blossom scent, as well as zesty lime. You will not have to compromise when it comes to first-rate citrus character here. Despite this citrus kick, the aroma of Lyre’s London Dry also has a subtle line of sweetness cutting through it courtesy of sweet jasmine. Juniper, arguably the most important gin aromatic, is also on offer here. There is no skimping when it comes to the juniper either, with plenty of subtle, sappy pine personality to enjoy. The aroma is beautifully rounded out by a playful touch of mint, adding some essential herbaceous freshness to things.

When it comes to a quality gin, aromatics are just as important as the flavour itself. Thankfully, Lyre’s London Dry delivers on both counts. Those who are a little unsure of whether or not they can make the switch from conventional gin to a non-alcoholic alternative will find the delicately balanced bouquet of Lyre’s London Dry makes a fine first impression. It is not too far removed from what you might expect from your regular London Dry and serves as the perfect welcome to a nuanced palate, rich in premium flavours.

Tasting Notes

As with any good gin, there are plenty of premium flavours to delve into and savour with Lyre’s London Dry Spirit. Those looking for a non-alcoholic gin alternative will be richly rewarded here, with distinct flavour of juniper and citrus that are synonymous with traditional gin. However, there is plenty more complexity on offer here that sets this non-alcoholic spirit apart from the competition. The mid-palate is a refined one, with signature earthy notes and some subtle vinous characteristics that you will love. Lyre’s London Dry does not skimp on warmth, either. There is a generous layer of peppery heat here, keeping things warm on the palate. This shot of pepper also helps build toward a deliciously dry and satisfying finish.

If you have had difficulty getting into the swing of things with non-alcoholic spirits before, Lyre’s London Dry will definitely make your next venture into this side of the market easier. The traditional hallmarks of gin are all present and accounted for here, making the switch from full-bodied spirits to something altogether healthier a breeze. The familiar flavours also mean that you can substitute this non-alcoholic spirit for the real thing across the board. If you are someone who enjoys a classic gin and tonic or any number of gin-based cocktails, this non-alcoholic spirit is a versatile alternative that can be slotted into just about any drinks recipe of your choice.

What’s Missing?

The lack of any alcohol in the final product obviously has an impact on things. Although gin has always been celebrated for its botanical fragrance, the fiery hit of alcohol on the nose is a significant part of the overall aroma. You will not find that it here, which may put off some gin purists. That being said, the lack of bite from the alcohol allows the more subtle characteristics of the recipe to shine through. The same logic applies to the taste. Without any alcohol, there is no discernible sharpness to be found here. However, this is not entirely unwelcome. Without the fiery tingle of alcohol clouding things, you get to experience everything that is on offer from this pared-back palate. The citrus hit that kicks things off is pronounced enough in its own right and does not really require a backbone of alcohol for the drink to be enjoyable. The more restrained mid-palate also shines through without the distraction of alcohol, allowing you to really get to grips with the earthy profile. Lyre’s have also done a good job to produce a deliciously dry finish that is more than sufficient. The sense of satisfaction you experience after taking a sip of Lyre’s London Dry holds its own against conventional gin. Obviously, if you are looking for a genuine buzz, this non-alcoholic spirit will leave you feeling short-changed.

How to Enjoy Lyre’s London Dry

In all honesty, it makes little sense to enjoy a non-alcoholic spirit neat. That being said, the more discerning gin drinker may want to take some time to explore the heady bouquet and refined flavour palate of this non-alcoholic spirit on its own merits, before reaching for the mixers, garnishes and ice cube tray. Try chilling the bottle slightly before pouring out a small measure of Lyre’s London Dry to enjoy in its purest form. This will give you a good idea of the intensity of the aromatics and, more importantly, the botanical character of the flavour before you indulge in more elaborate cocktails and drinks recipes. This is something you need to consider if you are very particular about the ratio of gin to mixer in your drinks. As Lyre’s London Dry is non-alcoholic, it is even more important as you can be more liberal in the measure of spirit you add to your recipes.

Because of the care and attention that has gone into producing Lyre’s London Dry, you can use this non-alcoholic spirit in lieu of regular gin in just about any cocktail that calls for it. Love a classic gin and tonic? Lyre’s London Dry is the ideal substitute. Simply pair up a measure of Lyre’s London Dry with a tonic water of your choice, add some garnish and you are good to go. Pink grapefruit is a particularly good option for fruit garnishes with this non-alcoholic gin. Looking to enhance the botanicals at work here? Add a sprig or two of rosemary to your gin and tonic and you have a first-rate cocktail that is bound to become a firm favourite. Lyre’s also offer a wide range of non-alcoholic mixers and liqueurs that can be combined with their London Dry offering. Pink Gin Fizz is a particularly popular choice for lazy summer days. Consider combining Lyre’s London Dry with a measure of Lyre’s Italian Orange and some tonic water to enjoy this delicious cocktail at home. To bring out the best in a Pink Gin Fizz, reach for citrus garnishes and fresh mint to maximise the fabulous flavours.

As we have mentioned before, because this spirit is non-alcoholic, you may want to up your measures of Lyre’s London Dry when making cocktails. This may take a little experimenting with to get the best results possible. If you are only planning to reduce your alcohol consumption rather than eliminate it entirely, you can also combine Lyre’s London Dry with full-bodied spirits in cocktails requiring multiple varieties of alcohol. Use this instead of regular gin for drinks like a Vodka Gimlet to reduce alcohol content and stamp out excess calories.


Lyre’s London Dry is one of the best non-alcoholic gin substitutes on the market. Great care has gone into the production of this alcohol-free spirit to ensure all the trademark botanicals, enticing aromas and delicate flavours synonymous with gin are present and accounted for here.