‘The List’ – What qualifies a Wine Merchant


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So once again we’ve published our list of The Top 10 UK Wine Merchants.

Now for those of you who’ve not read our other blogs, we are a comedic Wing Blog that  likes to look at things from different angles. Afterall we are the blog that reported Simon Berry missing (which reminds me it’s time for another prank).

And once again, we’ve had incoming messages from various people arguing their case to be on The List. Where we are having an issue is working out exactly who ‘Wine Merchants’ are.

In the hope of being fair, and making sure our March list is perhaps more accurate – we need to know what the definition of a Wine Merchant is??

I intend to ask current Merchants on ‘The List’ as well as people who’ve emailed in,  to Direct Message (DM) me their definition of a Wine Merchant on Twitter. This is a great exercise as you’ve only got 140 characters.


Thanks for your support in this matter….