20 June 2018

Best Wine Coolers – Buyer’s Guide & Honest Reviews 2018

Best Wine Coolers

There are few moments sweeter than getting home from work, kicking off your shoes, turning on your latest Netflix addiction, and sipping on a glass of wine. Seriously, is there anything more relaxing after a long day?

But maybe that’s not your style. Maybe you take your wine a little more seriously. Maybe you respect the wine. You know: swirl it around the glass a few times, give it a good sniff, savor the aromas, conjecture about the flavor profile… all before taking that first beautiful sip. That’s cool too. Especially when they’re in one of the best red wine glasses.

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19 June 2018

Best Tonic Water – A Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2018

Best Tonic Water If you’re wondering why I’m comparing different types of tonic water; it’s because Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means. Burgers and hotdogs on the grill, sunny afternoons by the pool, and maybe some adult beverages to make good things even better. It’s truly a magical time of the year where some nights may be forgotten, but memories are definitely made.

Is there any drink more symbolic of the carefree blur of summer than the classic gin and tonic? Some might think so. Maybe they’ll mention a fruity cocktail or citrusy beer, but they’d be wrong. Fancy colors and flavors can never replace a classic mixed drink, and the gin and tonic is as classic as it gets.

Personal bias aside, tonic water is an incredibly versatile mixer that finds its way into many irresistible summer staples. It’s unique in many ways, from its slightly bitter taste to its roots in medicine (seriously, it was used to treat malaria—who knew), tonic water is an absolute must to have on-hand when drinks are involved.

The natural question, unless you’re still stuck on the malaria thing, is what tonic waters are best? For your answer to that age-old question, we’ve compiled a list with more information than you’ll ever need breaking down exactly which tonic waters are best and why. We already wrote about the best gin glasses  as well as our favorite & best rhubarb gin brands, now it’s time to talk about the tonic water.

So whether you’re looking for the best tonic water for vodka or the best tonic water for a gin & tonic, read on!

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7 June 2018

Best Whiskey Glasses – An Honest Buyer’s Guide & Reviews of 2018

best whiskey glasses


I love whiskey. I always have. In fact, I suppose I’m more obsessed with whiskey then Vim could ever be about wine. And it’s not just different types of whiskies. I love all the trinkets, accessories & glassware that go with it. I must have the best whiskey glasses always and I must stock an array of whiskey. Not just scotch, but more recently a large amount of Japanese whiskey. Having worked in the whiskey trade for a number of years, it became more than a passion.

And yet, somehow, whilst taking it all in, I managed to stay less serious about it all. Living in HK, we’ve always added our own twist to things. Let me give you an example, as an expat living here, I was shocked when I saw people put ice into high end clarets and / or mixing it with coke.

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