13 October 2017

Learn About Moscato Wine

Moscato Wine Glass

Moscato wine is one of the most original and best testing wines out there. It comes from Italy and will provide wine lovers with an interesting taste that is lighter styled and works well with dessert, brunch, and other light meals. While it doesn’t always work the best with some traditional dinners like other wines do, it does hold its own and has a lot of great uses. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Moscato wine and why it is so popular.

The history of Moscato wine

This unique wine is often known as just Moscato, or if it is created and finished in the Northwest region of Piedmont, it will be known as Moscato d’Asti. It has been named after the grape Moscato and the Italian town of Asti where it is made.

The Moscato d’Asti is a close relative to the popular Asti Spumante. The Moscato is actually produced in smaller quantities, mostly because it is reserved for lunches and brunches rather than as the main deal at the end of the day. It is also known for having a more delicate style than the Spumante.

In the past, Moscato was not that popular of a wine to work with, but it is currently seeing a big surge in popularity. While it is originally known as an Italian wine, it is now produced in many wine regions including Australia and the United States. There has been a big surge in popularity of this type of wine in the United States and they have taken a big interest in showcasing this wine to enthusiasts everywhere.

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9 October 2017

Best Wine Decanters 2017 – A Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of great options that you can choose when it comes to having the right decanter for your wine. Sure, you can just use a pitcher that you have present in your home or you can pour it directly out of the wine bottle, but this just doesn’t seem to have the same elegance and class as finding a nice decanter to handle the work for you. These are fun to look at, look nice on any table, and if you choose the right one, it is sure to get people talking at your next party.


There are many decanters that you can choose from. Some are all-in-one options that you will enjoy for aerating the wine as well as pouring it out. Others are going to be classier and some are going to be like works of art that you are sure to enjoy. It all depends on what your personal tastes are like and how much you would like to spend on your decanter.


When you are looking for the perfect decanter for your needs, there are a lot of options on the market and a lot of things to consider. The options are all so different that it is hard to decide which ones are the best for your needs. When you are ready to take a look at some of the best decanters for your needs, go ahead and take a look at some of our choices below!

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18 September 2017

Convicted Fraudster Rudy Kurniawan Loses Bid For Freedom (again)

Rudy Kurinawan
Image From: South China Morning Post

Rudy Kurniawan Once Again Fails To Have His Conviction Overturned

In breaking news, convicted fraudster Rudy Kurniawan has lost yet another attempt to have his conviction squashed. For those of you who have never heard the name Rudy Kurniawan, he is an Indonesian born man who moved to the United States. For a while, he had built up a reputation for being one of the world’s foremost authorities in the world of wine, with a particular interest in all wines from Burgundy. This led him to get the nickname Dr Conti.  He was later arrested and convicted to 10 years by a Manhattan Court, for one count of mail fraud (creating & selling counterfeit wines) and one count of wire fraud for defrauding a financing company over a US$3 million loan.

On Monday, Rudy’s lawyers tried to convince U.S. District Judge Richard Berman that his old lawyers failed to do their jobs correctly and should have in fact demanded hearings which could have led to all the evidence found in his house to be suppressed. And when I say evidence found in his house, I mean there were hundreds and hundreds of of fake bottles and labels which the FBI confiscated.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman indicated that even had his then lawyers held the hearings he had wanted, they most likely would’t have made the slightest bit of difference because the authorities involved already had cause to suspect that Rudy Kurinawan was involved in selling fake, rare wines.

Rudy, who was 40 at the time of his arrest in California (March 8, 2012) tried previously to have his conviction overturned. However in 2015 when he last tried, the outcome was much the same as that of yesterday’s.

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