Does Robert Parker need a haircut?

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When talking about Robert Parker, the one part of his body that gets the most attention is his nose. His nose is insured for a million dollars and has, as a result, quite famously gottten the name “The Million Dollar Nose”

Just a couple of days ago, I was reading an article on Parker’s site whilst having my nieces over for dinner. One of my nieces sat next to me, looked at Parker’s photo on my laptop and quite innocently said

“that man needs a haircut”

Though I’d like to think of myself as semi-fashionable, I’ve never ever looked at a photo of Parker and thought
that this guys has a bad hairdo. I flashed back at my screen with her comment ringing in my head.

She was right !!!!!

Parker’s hair style (if you’d call it that) is dated. William Langewiesche once wrote the following for The Atlantic Monthly Company:

THE most influential critic in the world today happens to be a critic of wine. He is not a snob or an obvious aesthete, as one might imagine, but an ordinary American, a burly, awkward, hardworking guy from the backcountry of northern Maryland, about half a step removed from the farm.

Reading this made me appreciate that perhaps Parker is more focused with doing his job outstandingly versus worrying about booking his next Toni & Guy appointment. However that said, it did get me thinking about how much or little had his hair style changed over the last decade.

Please see below pictures stemming from 2001 – 2011



So I guess he likes the look. If you would pick which haircut Robert Parker would go for next which one would it be??

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Thanks for voting and stay tuned for our take on the latest wine scandal: Jay Miller, Pancho Campo, €40,000 & Brewster’s Millions