How To Cure A Hangover At Work Fast – Without Anyone Noticing

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how to get over a hangover at work

Going To Work Hungover

If you’re reading an article called How To Cure A Hangover At Work, it probably means that you had a crazy night out, hopefully an epic one – BUT – it was on a school night. And that somehow, by some unknown miracle, you managed to drag your sorry ass out of bed and crawled into work. First off let me simply applaud you. The fact that you managed to haul ass and get into work is admirable.

8 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Your Hangover At Work

Dealing with a hangover at work is hell. This is probably the best definition of a hangover that I found.

And I won’t even lie – every minute is going to seem like an hour. So brace yourself. But that doesn’t mean to say that there’s nothing you can do to make your day a little bit easier. We’ve all been there, so just hang tight.

How To Cure Your Hangover Fast at Work

  1. smell. If you didn’t have the time to have a shower, stick on deodorant or even brush your teeth, you’re going to have a problem. Even the slightest interaction with someone is going to give the game away. For lack of a better phrase, you’ll be up shit creek without a paddle. And if you think you can blag it… if you think you aren’t sweating last night’s session through your pores or that your breathe doesn’t smell like you and Johnny Walker made out behind the bike shed – then all power to you. But it’s the quickest way for sure to getting your ass kicked out the door. You think your boss is going to let you meet clients / customers like that? Find some damn deodorant, some mouthwash, some mints, and a comb. You may think you smell like roses – but TRUST ME – you do not!!
  2. stay hydrated and eat. If you’ve managed to just get to work without even grabbing a coffee or some food then again, wow. I’m impressed, how did you make it in? Ok, so let’s remedy that. Go and grab a tea with at least 3 sugars. Get hydrated and take in sugar at the same time. Hit the snacks. If you don’t have any ‘borrow’ some from your colleagues. Of course replace it (one day). But if you’ve never been the type of person that’s ‘borrowed’ someone’s lunch from the fridge – then believe you me when I say; today is the day to do that. Get eating. Chances are you may not have the appetite to start gobbling down someone else’s lunch whilst also remembering to throw away the empty packaging in someone else’s bin. Preferably someone you dislike in the office. But it’s key in helping you get your body to where it needs to be.
  3. keep moving & don’t fall asleep. You are going to have extreme high points in the day (likely a sugar rush) and then some serious dips. At some point you’re going to want to sleep and will be looking at your watch every 5 minutes (whilst convincing yourself that half an hour would have easily gone by). When you are hungover the day is going to seem really long. So make sure you keep moving. Walk around. Grab some fresh air when you can. Whatever you do resist all temptation of falling asleep. Save that shit for when you get home.
  4. music. Hopefully like the rest of us, you’ve probably got a pair of earphones or headphones to hand. Play some music. Senses can be heightened when you’re hanging – the sound of the photocopier, drawers being opened and closed, even the tapping of a keyboard – can all drive you bananas. Play some music and drown out all the other sounds. Just focus on your work and remind yourself that the hard part was actually getting to work.
  5. do not interact with people. Whatever you do, limit any interactions outside of email and phone calls as a total no no. If people want to have a conversation with you, just be or appear to be busy. It doesn’t matter how much you think you’ve got your shit together, if you’re hungover the chances are you’re going to give it away by something you say. Something you say will sound like some crazy shit compared to the person you are at work every other day. Today is not the day to shoot the shit with people. Today is the day to actually keep your head down and avoid everyone.
  6. use the toilet regularly. You’ll find yourself probably peeing loads. Don’t fight the urge. Get all that alcohol out your system. Better out than in as they say.
  7. do not advertise your hangover. Advertising your hangover to one or several members of your team is a big no no. Especially if it’s the type of environment where people just don’t do that sort of thing. You’ll be forever branded as the person who just can’t handle their drinks and will forever be the office scapegoat when things go wrong – e.g. lunches go missing from the fridge more often than they should…
  8. delete your browser history. No one really needs to know that you were googling ‘best way to get over a hangover at work’. 

I did manage to find a funny video about getting over hangovers at work – but in no way did it cover all of the above. Pretty funny nonetheless:

These 8 steps should get you through your day. Being hungover in general is not pleasant and having to go to work with a thumping headache is truly difficult. However, treat it as a learning lesson. Never drink past your limit on a school night.

When you get home tonight, as horrible as your day was and as tired as you probably must be, remember to drink loads of water, eat a good dinner and sleep the hangover away.

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